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Mor Hin Khao

Mor Hin Khao

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Mor Hin Khao Tha Hin Ngom, Muang Chaiyaphum, Chaiyaphum. Mor Hin Khao is another attraction with a natural beauty no inferior to Chaiyaphum’s Siam Tulip Field. Mor Hin Khao is located in Phu Laenkha National Park.
Originally, the area was covered with forests, which was later changed to plantation. People saw that there were some large rocks in the cassava plantation (at that time) but were not interested.
However, some said there are five extraordinary rocks from which a white light would appear during Buddhist Sabbath nights (full moon, 8th day of waxing moon, 8th day and 15th day of waxing moon). Accordingly, the place was called Mor Hin Khao, the Stonehenge of Thailand.
Most rocks at Mor Hin Khao are white sandstone, while some contains siltstone, mudstone and purple sandstone. During winter, tourists can admire not only these beautiful stone sculptures created by nature, but also blossoms of wild flowers scattering all over the place.
The splendid scenery will definitely charm any visitor of Mor Hin Khao, leaving him or her with ever-last impressive memories. In addition, the place was also selected to be a film location of The Legend of King Naresuan.     
Mor Hin Khao is another challenging destination for campers. There are several groups of rocks here. First is "Sao Hin Ha Ton" (Five Rock Pillars). The rocks are around 12 meter tall, one of which is large enough for twenty-two people to hold.
These five rocks are the most remarkable rocks which are the highlight of Mor Hin Khao. Next to the five rocks is a camping area. Toilets are available here. There is a path other rock groups and a viewpoint.
Hin Chedi Klong Chang is 650 meter away, Lan Hin Ton Sai 900 meter away, Suan Hin Lan Pi 1,250 meter away, while Pha Hua Nak Viewpoint is 2,500 meter away. The second rock group, "Dong Hin", is located 500 meter from the first.
This group is comprised of many strange-shaped rocks, such as those which look like chedi, turtle sheel and boot. From here, it is possible to travel up to see the panorama of Mor Hin Khao. In short, the attraction is great for travellers who love camping among nature.
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