Wat Phra That (Wat Phra That Sala Khao)

Wat Phra That (Wat Phra That Sala Khao)

Wat Phra That (Wat Phra That Sala Khao)

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Wat Phra That (Wat Phra That Sala Khao) The temple is located at kilometre 145 of Highway 321, opposite Wat Suan Taeng. Local people call it Wat Phra That Nok because of the stupa which is similar to the one in Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat.
With a height of 25 metres, the ruined stupa is a bit smaller with a rounder spire. Presumed from archaeological evidence, this temple dates back during 1424-1488 in the reign of Phra Borommatrailokkanat.
Wat Phra That (Wat Phra That Sala Khao) Map Wat Phra That (Wat Phra That Sala Khao) Map
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