Talat Ratsada (Talat Hua Khua)

Talat Ratsada (Talat Hua Khua)

Talat Ratsada (Talat Hua Khua)

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Operating day: Daily
Operating time: 05.00 - 18.00
Talat Ratsada or Talat Hua Khua is located at the foot of the Ratsada Bridge. It is the largest morning market of Lampang and active before dawn until nine o’clock in the morning.
There is a diversity of things ranging from local food, desserts, fruit, seasonal produce, such as local vegetables, insects, mushroom, etc., to souvenirs; for instance, Sai Ua (northern-style sausage), Khao Taen (crispy rice), Khaep Mu (crispy pork skin), Mu Yo (steamed pork bar), etc. In the evening, there are some vendors of desserts and ready-made food.
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