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Si Satchanalai National Park

Si Satchanalai National Park

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Opening days: Daily
Opening hours: 08.00 - 17.00
Si Satchanalai National Park The original name was Pa Kha, meaning Pa Kha Luang. Located at Ban Pa Kha, Village No. 6, Ban Kaeng Subdistrict, was established according to the wishes of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. to maintain the forest condition that is forested upstream And conserve natural resources. This park covers the area of ​​Si Satchanalai. Thung Saliam District and Thoen District, Lampang Province.
It has a total area of ​​319 square kilometers. The area is characterized by a large grassland. Upstream of the Tha Phae River The general condition of the area has a mountain morphology. Consists of mixed deciduous forest, dipterocarp forest, hill evergreen forest, wildlife found such as chipmunk, fire tiger, spotted eagle, chamois and turtle pu Lu, etc. It was declared a Si Satchanalai National Park on May 8, 1981.
Interesting places within the park include Tad Duen Waterfall. About 300 meters from the park office is a waterfall that originated from Mae Tha Phae creek. a wide stone courtyard The pool is suitable for recreation.
Bat Cave, about 20 kilometers from the park office, is a large cave with stalagmites. beautiful stalactites It is home to hundreds of thousands of bats.
Tharasan Cave It is a small limestone cave. It looks like a wide courtyard. There are bats in the cave. From the mouth of the cave have to climb down. There was a tunnel that was a stone wall of two mountains colliding. through a tunnel that resembles a flowing stream The stone walls look like marble. and one area is a lion's head sandstone
Huay Sai Khao Waterfall Approximately 3 kilometers from the office of the park originated from the Huai Sai Khao flowing through the rocky cliffs into a small basin. The waterfall has 7 levels, cascading down to each other. Huai Sai Khao Waterfall is in the heart of the mountain. There are many trees around.
Tad Dao Waterfall originates from Mae Tha Phae creek. It is a large and beautiful waterfall. The waterfall flows down from a wide and steep cliff about 50 meters. There are 2 lines away from the park office. By walking about 4 km.
In addition, the park has made two nature trails: 1. Chom Tawan Nature Trail It is a path that is on the hillside. has a moderate slope through the ditch at certain intervals Along the way is a mixed forest. Visitors can see the scenery of the park. And on the way can watch the sunrise in the morning.
This nature trail has a total of 14 stations, each station in the park. Has prepared signs to convey various meanings at intervals. It takes 2-3 hours to walk, a total distance of 5,500 meters. 2. Huai Mae Tha Phae Nature Trail. It is a path that must be walked back and forth. On the way, you can meet animals such as butterflies, barking deer, wild boars and squirrels. The nature of the forest is dry evergreen forest mixed with mixed forest. It takes 1 hour to travel for a distance of 2 kilometers.
The park has 6 service houses that can accommodate 4-10 people, priced at 600-2,000 baht/night, and have tents for rent. If you bring your own tent, the area fee is 30 baht/person/night. For more information, please contact Si Satchanalai National Park, P.O. Box 10, Ban Kaeng Subdistrict, Si Satchanalai District. Sukhothai 64130 Tel. 0 5561 9214-5 or Department of National Parks, Bangkok, Tel. 0 2562 0760.
By car from Sukhothai, you can travel on 2 routes: the first route from the city is using Highway No. 12, the Sukhothai-Tak route. Bypass the city for about 15 kilometers and turn right along Highway No. 1113 to Sarachit Intersection and turn left onto Highway No. 1294 into the park. Total distance is about 100 km.
Second route From the city, take Highway No. 101, the Sukhothai - Si Satchanalai route. To Si Satchanalai District, turn left through the front of Si Satchanalai Hospital. Highway No. 1035, a distance of 11 kilometers, then turn right onto Highway No. 1249 to the national park, a total distance of about 122 kilometers.
Bus There is a minibus from the opposite side of the Si Satchanalai Police Station. Depart before noon, 1 trip per day, travel time 50 minutes. 

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