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Suan La Ong Fa

Suan La Ong Fa

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Suan La Ong Fa has an area of more than 30 rai in Ban Hup Luek, Khao Phra sub-district, Nakhon Nayok province. It is the source of 50 original varieties of durians.
The specialty of this garden is that durians are planted without using fertilizer based on ecological plantation integrated with the new agricultural concept.
The plants in “Suan La Ong Fa” are pesticide-free and bear their fruits naturally, unlike those in other gardens that use excessive amount of chemicals and try to fix the bearing dates as required by the market.
Moreover, durians, bananas, rambutans and pineapples are planted in alternate rows of sky-high bamboos surrounding the roadsides until we can see the greatness of the orchard of multiple durian trees in different heights.
The orchard that relies only on nature provides a valuable view and raises awareness of how to preserve nature sustainably.
It is one of the Botany and Genetic for Food Security Projects supported by Thai Health Promotion Foundation under the food security supporting plan in collaboration with Chulalongkorn University and Bio Thai Foundation.
Khun Chom Sowantrakun, the owner brought the seeds from Thonburi to Nakhon Nayok almost 40 years ago. Today, Suan La-ong Fa is like a museum of ancient durians. In addition, Khun Chom had created more than 100 new varieties of durians such as La-ong Fa or Mon La-ong Fa, etc by sowing seeds after 1965.
From its external and internal shape, it is assumed that it is a natural breeding of Mon Thong, Kan Yao and Thong Daeng. This new variety has very light smell or smell-free and its pulp is still hard when ripening.
It is suitable for people who do not like too much smell and too mushy pulp. Besides sightseeing around the garden, the tourists can exchange knowledge about durians and can walk along the path specially made by the owner to prevent danger from falling durians. If you visit the orchard from April to June, you will have a taste of delicious ancient durians that are fresh from the trees.
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