Prang Nang Phom Hom

Prang Nang Phom Hom

Prang Nang Phom Hom

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Prang Nang Phom Hom is 4 kilometers away from Nong Ri Market. It is located in the Khok Khli district. This Prang Nang Phom Hom stands alone.
It is constructed in a Bapuan style, a single brick prang with no cement cover, which is similar to Prang Khaek. Two rivers, namely, Lam Sonthi and Lam Phraya Klang, can be found near by.
People assumed that it was once an ancient city as pieces of evidence were discovered in 1987. They were sandstone fragments of the Prang in the shape of a lady dressed up in Khmer Arts (Bayon style).
It is said to be dated around the 15-17 BE, during the reign of Jayavarman VII. At present, the top of Prang has been broken though people can still enter the hall through a door, which was framed with stones.
Inside the Prang, there is a chamber. Outside the stupa, there are stones scattered around the area. Not so far away from Prang Nang Phom Hom is the Khok Khli animal quarantine station.
There is a mound with broken bricks. It is thought to be the base of a wihan or chedi. People call it ‘Khok Khli Noi’, while the other larger one is called ‘Khok Khli Yai’.
There is a story that has been told about this Prang Nang Phom Hom. There was a beautiful princess named Nang Phom Hom. Every time she bath, she always sat on a rock and washed her hair.
The rock there was later called Ta Nang Sra Phom. One day, her hair floated down the river, the king from another town picked it up and was fond of it. He then asked his soldier to trace the owner of the very hair.
The soldier later reported him. The king decided to meet her, however, he found out that she had already had a fiancé, which was his friend.
Therefore, they decided to make a bet on Tee Khli (a polo-like sport), which the name of the place, where the event took place, was later changed to Khok Khli.
The winner could have Nang Phom Hom as a bride. Nang Phom Hom, who had been watching the two of them felt uncomfortable and decided to commit a suicide by hanging herself.
After the two men knew about this, they were both sad and decided to drown themselves. That place was then named "Pak Chuan". The corpse of Nang Phom Hom was kept in the Prang, that is, Prang Nang Phom Hom.
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