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Doi Pha Chang Don Sila, Wiang Chai, Chiang Rai. Is a large rocky mountain, 3 in number, prominent in the middle of the rice field Located in Ban Don area, Village No. 8, Don Sila Subdistrict, Wiang Chai District Chiang Rai province About 12 kilometers from Wiang Chai district.
And about 25 kilometers from Chiang Rai on the Hua Doi - Ban Don - Phaya Mengrai - road (National Highway No. 1152, range 18 to 19 kilometers), from the main road for another 1.5 kilometers.
Will reach Pha Chang Don Sila area Originally there was no access road to that place. Travel must walk along the ridge. At present, the Don Sila Subdistrict Administration Organization Have cut a road into the lateritic soil Access to Pha Chang area Using a budget of 300,000 baht.
In the middle of January 2006, the Doi Pha Chang ordination ceremony took place at Don Sila Sub-district, Wiang Chai District, with Mr. Worakiat Somsoi, Chiang Rai Governor. Presided over the ceremony Along with Mr. Sakchai Wongkanit.
Wiang Chai Sheriff and villagers, clergy, educational institutions, government agencies in the area Including all related parties Together to organize this event Which Don Sila Subdistrict Administration Organization Saw the importance of natural resource conservation.
Therefore created this project By bringing Buddhist beliefs Used as a guideline to proceed under the name "Rak Thammarak Nature Project" and brought robes around 30,000 meters (3 kilometers) long to cover Doi Pha Chang. And an invitation for the Buddha statue "Navan millionue" up to the top of the mountain With the objective of:
1. Conserving natural resources.
2. Promote cooperation of people in the community to organize activities together.
3. Preserve good culture And is a succession of Buddhism.
4. To support tourism activities.
5. In order to build good relations between the local government organization, village headman, village headman, school, temple and general people.
6. To demonstrate the efficiency of the operation of the local government organization In the form of Tambon Administrative Organization And to enhance the experience for the community.
Doi Pha Chang is a limestone mountain. Not many trees covered Most of them are vine types. And small Benjaphut trees And also with the Janpa tree Which rises to a cliff area widely.
Doi Pha Chang area also has many caves such as Phra Cave, Fish Cave, Bat Cave, which has many bats. And there is water passing through the cliffs The area of Doi Pha Chang has a total area of about 80 rai. In the near future, "Doi Pha Chang" will be a wonderful exercise place.
Mae Tak Reservoir is located in the Doi Ngam village, Village No. 6. Mae Tak Reservoir is a medium sized reservoir. Of the Royal Irrigation Department That can store 9,000,000 cubic meters of water for agriculture.
The reservoir is located in the area of Village No. 6, Doi Ngam Village, Village No. 5, Chaiyapruek Village and Village No. 14, Ban Mai Santisuk, Don Sila Subdistrict, as a place for nearby people to use for fishing and agriculture.
And is a place to relax, especially in the summer There are very beautiful scenery. There are many villagers to set up shops to serve tourists. It is about 4 kilometers from Doi Pha Chang, 16 kilometers from Wiang Chai District and 29 kilometers from Chiang Rai. 
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