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Chiang Saen Four Kingdoms

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Chiang Saen Four Kingdoms Wiang, Chiang Saen, Chiang Rai. History of the Mekong River of Chiang Saen, The Mekong River is a large river that nourishes the lives of two people. The raging river flows from China through Burma, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. History of various nations in the Mekong River Basin Therefore cannot escape this river.
The Mekong River flows through this continent, as if having 10 years of life flowing one way, 100 years flowing one way. Change the way to another way. Legend has it that the ancient island in the Mekong River "Don Thaen Island" was originally a land in Thailand, which was inhabited by Chiang Saen people in the previous era. 
This island is home to more than 10 temples as specified in the annals. Muang Niyang, Chiang Saen, Region 61, is also the location of Wat Phra Thong Thong Thip Which is enshrined in the large bronze statue of the Buddha. Which the villagers said "Lord Lan Tua, the word Tue, is a measure of the Lanna people. Means crotch, so the word "Lan Tua" means that this monk has a large size and weight That the Lord Buddha would sink with Kao Donon Which is currently the Nam Khong area, the duty of Chiang Saen district.
The testimony that is a clear form is His Majesty the King Which is 55 cm wide, 70 cm high The front is probably about 8.5 m wide and 10 m high. 
However, the story is not a story in the legend, but it is true that one day, the Lord Buddha will return to the city. How will the return to the city be? Would have to wait for the track As for returning to our generation, children, or grandchildren, or more than that, we have to wait in faith as well.
From the words of Chiang Saen people That was carried in the book by Roy Larnthong Thip (Lord Lan Tua) History of the Mekong River in Chiang Saen (can be purchased at Chiang Saen National Museum.
Said that the first night of the Buddha image in the middle of the Mekong River, around the year 1936, the hunter who fished fish in the middle of the Mekong River in front of Chiang Saen District Police Station saw a large Buddha image bursting in the middle of the water.
Remember that there is a glory on the child and see the head just However The sightings of those fish hunters are incompatible with the current evidence. That the discovery of the glory was found before the year 1903.
When the first time was enshrined at Wat Khawang (After Chiang Saen Market) Later moved to Wat Pong Sanuk Temple. And Mung Mueang Temple respectively When building a museum Completed, therefore, brought out until the show arrived today. Later in the year 2488, there was another fish hunter, found 2-3 large temple pillars falling over each other, drowned in the deep Mekong water, Laos 4 meters at the intersection area. In front of the police station.
When he reached the age of 1949 - 1950, the monks (Laotian immigrants settled in Chiang Saen District) dreamed that the Buddha fell over his head. Turn south Therefore, around February-March of that same year, there was a serious fumble for Buddha images.
By starting from forming shrines in the Don Thaen Island and doing a Buddha image sacrifice ceremony Prepare 2 large steel boats with elephants 3-4 ropes. Invite monks to perform ceremonies. Due to the strong and cold currents, therefore, the image cannot be found in any way.
Later in February-March 1966, Italian-Thai Company Limited obtained a concession to build an airport in Luang Prabang. Stayed at Chiang Saen (in those days, traveling to Luang Prabang had to use the navigation method from Chiang Saen to reach the most convenient).
Mr. Chusasak Chaiphan, Governor of Chiang Rai Province At that time, the company sent the diver and various black equipment to find and recover the Buddha image. Which is the point where the island is in the water in front of the police station. The area is very turbulent. The search was not successful at that time. Only a small Buddha image And only a few other artifacts stopped searching.
Finding Buddha images that are sunk in the Mekong River From the first encounter until today, more than 70 years ago, the story is still interesting and being told through Chiang Saen descendants. When he passed through, he became a legend and folk tale.
If you travel to Chiang Saen, pass the Golden Triangle sign. So go to various souvenir shops. You will see a large golden Buddha image. Weight over 69 tons, only Phra Buddha lap, width 9.99 meters, height 15.99 meters.
This is the Chiang Saen Buddha, four lands in honor of His Majesty the King Which was built instead of the original body that sank the Mekong River The duty of the Chiang Saen district, the reign of King Rama 3. nd built with bronze Gilded with Busarakum, weight up to 69 tons, lap width 9.99 m, height 15.99 m, sitting on the "Charity Dharma glass boat" large.
At the same time, he created the Tung Luang Chaloem Phra Kiat High 17.99 m. OTOP Center, Lanna Arch, Khong Gate and Bodhisattva (Chao Kuan Im Jade Khao, 9.99 m high).

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