Phu Chom Dao (Pha Mon Noi)

Phu Chom Dao (Pha Mon Noi)

Phu Chom Dao (Pha Mon Noi)

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Phu Chom Dao (Pha Mon Noi) Tap Tao, Thoeng, Chiang Rai. Is a natural tourist attraction There is another kind of tree that the Hmong people call a thousand years tree. During December - February of every year and there are many kinds of birds that are very beautiful. Which is very suitable for bird watching.
Phu Chom Dao (Pha Mon Noi) Is a complete tourist attraction in Chiang Rai Visitors can watch the beautiful mist in the middle of the forest and can see the view of Laos.
Phu Chom Dao has an area connecting the Thai-Laos border. Is a relief point with a height above the sea level by approximately 1,600 meters, after Phu Chi Fa Phu Chom Dao area does not have accommodation, restaurants or toilets for tourists.
If any tourists are interested, can travel up to see the beauty of Phu Chom Dao and experience the true nature. But have to go back down to stay at the bottom of Pitak Thai Village or Ban Rom Fah Thai.
From Phu Chee Fah Tourist Information Center to Phu Chom Dao, a distance of about 7 km throughout the route is steep and curved. With beautiful natural scenery and passing through the accommodation as a way of life for various hilltribe people, such as the Hmong hill tribes throughout the route.
And some spots have signs "As a telephone signal use point" through Rom Pho Thong Village Rom Pho Thai Village And highway information service units Visitors who do not know the route details can ask the staff.
Both sides have natural beauty. There are many kinds of flowers and plants such as the Kalungkum flower. Flowering bright red in the rainy-winter season. Krachiew flowers, lotus flowers, lotus flower, queen tiger, wild flowers, various kinds of pine forests, etc.
When traveling to the village of Phithak Thai, a total of about 7 kilometers is a parking lot, cabinet, or a small private car for tourists to go down. Because the car can't go up to Phu Chom Dao.
Because the route up to Phu Chom Dao is quite a dirt road (During the rainy season, the car cannot go up) or must be a 4x4 only. Once you get in, you will find a set of operations units. Border Patrol Camp 326.
There are officers in the unit throughout And tourists can walk up to Phu Chom Dao on the sidewalk, at a distance of about 350 meters. The entire route is moist rainforest. There are many varieties of trees. Nature of vegetation like Doi Inthanon Chiangmai Province.
Another route to Phu Chom Dao is to travel to From Chiang Kham District, Phayao Province, onto the village route. Phu Sang district is a junction to the village of Phithak Thai. Distance of approximately 48 km to the operating set point.
Note: from Phu Chee Fah Tourist Information Center Arrive at the point of the 326 kg 12 rd set of missions. It takes about 30 minutes.
Tel Tel: 0819805200
Phu Chom Dao (Pha Mon Noi) Map Phu Chom Dao (Pha Mon Noi) Map
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