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Wiang Nong Lom

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Wiang Nong Lom Located at the contact area between Yonok Subdistrict Chiang Saen District With Chan Chawa Subdistrict, Mae Chan District. From the evidence obtained from the survey Presumably being between the new stone age Up to the 16th century, many myths and chronicles say that.
Prince Singha Wat Bring people to the city. When coming to the Mekong River Then found the naga to be a male. Therefore set up the town of Yonok Nak Phan Singhanwat By taking the name of the creator of the city together with the name Nak Or Ionia Metropolitan. 
There was a reigning king until the reign of Mahachai. People can catch the fish in the Kok River. Therefore brought together to eat all over the city. Unless one widow had no children, no one would eat. Night of the earthquake. The city collapsed, but the widow's house called the widow island.
And called the city "Wiang Nong Lom". From the ancient city and Chiang Saen historical conservation project There have been many surveys of the Wiang Nong Lom area.
Don Thaen Island or Koh Luang Is a historical place with ambiguity in the location But there appears in many legends and chronicles. Said that When Lord Saen Phu Sang, Mueang Chiang Saen He stayed in the palace on Don Thaen Island in front of Chiang Saen town until he died and set up a royal body on Don Thaen Island for a while.
In addition, Don Thaen Island is also important in Buddhism history. That is to say, during the reign of King Kue Na Nak, Mueang Chiang Mai He brought Phra Si La Patima to perform the royal wedding ceremony on Don Thaen Island And then enshrined at Phra Singh Temple, Chiang Rai Province, around 1383.
Phra Maha Thera Chao Siri Wang Bring two Buddha images called Phra Kaew and Phra Word. To build a temple of Phra Kaew. And Wat Phra Kham on Don Thaen Island In the reign of Athit Rachatham He gave a hundred and ten Buddha images, a statue of Lord Thongthip, one from Jomthong Chiangmai. Taken from Ceylon To be enshrined in Don Thaen Island As well as planting a Bodhi tree and being a worship of Chiang Saen people later When the island of Don Don collapsed in the Mekong River, no one knew.
Since the city of Chiang Saen was abandoned since the reign of King Rama V of Rattanakosin until the reign of King Rama V, it was once again restored as a country. As for the Phra Kaeo Phra Word, it is assumed that Phra Kaew might be living with Thai Yuan immigrants in Chiang Saen. Go to Lampang. 
Had been searching for the location of Don Don Island several times but was unsuccessful due to the turbulent currents of cold water arranged under the Mekong River's visibility at the center Unable to see underwater with naked eyes. Until now, there has been no official survey of the location of Don Thaen Island.
Because the Mekong River is the route of dividing the natural boundary between Thailand-Laos when there is no official permission request The survey cannot be done. Because it will affect international relations.
Contact location Wiang Nong Lom Located at the contact area between Yonok Subdistrict Chiang Saen District With Chan Chawa Subdistrict, Mae Chan District, Chiang Rai Province.
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