Wa Wi Agricultural Experiment Station

Wa Wi Agricultural Experiment Station

Wa Wi Agricultural Experiment Station

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Operating day: Daily
Operating time: 06.00 - 18.00
Wa Wi Agricultural Experiment Station Wa Wi, Mae Suai, Chiang Rai. Academic service center for plants and production factors, Chiang Rai 2 or the original Wa Wi Agricultural Experiment Station. Located on the top of Doi Wawi, 1,200-1,500 meters above sea level. Cool weather all year round.
Was named as one of the most beautiful places to study and study in Chiang Rai With the atmosphere in the shady center area Surrounded by flowers, cold winter flowers such as the Prodia Banksia, beautiful cherry blossoms Unusual in general.
It is also filled with the scent of various kinds of winter fragrant woods, such as loudspeakers that are smelly every night. And there are also rare flowers that can be found in the four directions. In addition, there are plots of planting and propagation of non-toxic winter fruits such as wheelbarrow, persimmon, peach chestnut.
With fresh Arabica varieties And fragrant Chinese tea For you to taste for free In addition to within the center area There will be a tourist spot for you to visit. And find many pleasures Close to the center There are also Thai hill tribe villages, Lisu and Chinese Ho.
Allowing you to experience the lifestyle closely Which you should have at least 2-3 days of travel time. The center is ready to provide lodging services, camping spots, shops, restaurants throughout the year.
Tourist spots within the station:
- Chaloem Phra Kiat Flower Garden Her Majesty Queen Sirikit Surrounded by various kinds of fragrant plants on the area of 3 rai, smelling fragrant aromatic nets throughout the garden The atmosphere is cool and comfortable. In the garden, there is also a walkway for each of the fragrant trees and signs. That will increase your knowledge while walking.
- Winter fruit plots Away from the flower garden decorated with cold winter along the steep slope on either side of the plantation of winter fruit trees in the amount of 22 acres, including plum, plum, plum, peach, wheelbarrow, etc., planted on the hillside, far from the eyes. These fruit trees will bloom in the winter.
- Winter flower garden On an area of about 5 rai, decorated as a garden There is a small stream flowing through There is a pavilion to sit and watch various types of winter flower plants such as Salvia, Poppy, Paper, Petunia, Bikonia, White speakers, Rose, Millennial etc. Around the winter garden There is a nursery of winter flower ornamental plants. You can walk closely. There is also a villa on the hill. Activity and recreation grounds are welcome.
- Wan-Si Tid Collection Wan-Si Tid is considered a famous winter city and can be seen only at the Chiang Rai 2 Plant and Production Service Center, which is grown in the collection and breeding of many four directions In the winter, there are many beautiful colors.
- Buddhist park surrounded by natural forest plants Is a habitat of wild birds, squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits. There is also a sacred pond And the sacred stone pedestal It is enshrined by the Buddha image of the Buddha statue, which is worshiped by the station staff and all villagers.
Travel can choose to use 2 routes:
- Private car
1. From Mueang District, drive along Highway No. 1211, passing the intersection of Den Five to 21 km. Turn right, run straight along the paved road, about 9 km through the Mae Mon water storage weir. The trail begins to climb the slope along the gravel for about 7 km, then enters the center zone. The total distance is 43 km. It takes about 1 hour to travel.
2. Route from Mueang District, take Highway No. 1, about 22 km. To the intersection, turn right at Ban Pak Thang, go to Mae Suai District, follow Highway 118, about 30 km. Turn right straight along the slope of the road, about 14 km, passing Ban Saen Charoen, Ban Doi San, and then continue for about 8 km to the center. Total distance is 74 km. It takes about 2 hours.
- Bus Take the two rows of cars Mae Suai District - Doi Chang The fare is about 30 baht per person at 10.00-15.00 hrs. There are 3 services per day or charter a minibus from the bus station. Mueang Chiang Rai District, cost about 300-500 baht.
Travel Calendar:
- Jan - Feb, cold, flowering, winter flowers bloom Strawberries are harvesting, discolored cherry blossoms, plum pears, flowering. Tasting green tea and Chinese tea.
- Mar - Apr, cool, tasting, fresh peach from the beginning Macadamia fruit Crescent flowers in full bloom.
- May, cold, wheelbarrow starts fruiting Persimmon are fruiting.
- Jun - Oct, cold, rainy season, harvesting, persimmon, macadamia and sali, harvesting in July.
- Nov - Dec, cold, fruit trees, cold city, incubation Winter flowers bloom in full bloom Cherry blossoms begin to escalate Dec.
Tel Tel: 053605932, 053605941
Fax Fax: 053605935
Wa Wi Agricultural Experiment Station Map Wa Wi Agricultural Experiment Station Map
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