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Akha Village

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Akha Village Tha Khao Plueak, Mae Chan, Chiang Rai. Located on the Tha Ton - Mae Chan road From Lan Thong Village Turn left along Highway 1089, Mae Chan-Tha Ton. Until three separate SCAD Savannah kidneys between Km. 54-55, through the police and go straight ahead for about 1 km to the village on the left, "Akha".
Is a Thai hill tribe who migrated from southern China Descending to the north of Thailand about 100 years ago, often studying himself as "Akha" while Thai people call it "Kor" or "E-Kor".
Which Akha people do not like much The dress of this tribe is usually woven into a dark, almost black fabric. Especially women will have many jewelry, such as hats, often decorated with silverware, silver coins, as much as.
Interspersed with bright red tassels, wearing straight sleeves, short skirts above the knee With colorful sashes and calves As for Akha, men often wear round neck long sleeves. No pants, no decoration. Occasionally, using a black turban.
Akha has faith in spirituality and nature. Because it does not appear to have religious beliefs before, but there is "Akha command" which means traditions And various lifestyles By emphasizing the principle of worship.
In addition, there is a belief in the spirit. The spirits often have ceremonies such as ancestors and spirits on a regular basis. Examples of these beliefs are clearly seen in each village of Akha. Will find the door to the village called "Pratu Phee".
Believing that the boundary between the ghosts and the poor is divided, it is customary that every village must build this gate. Those who are superstitious when entering - leaving the village must pass through this door only. Considered to be a purge of spirits that came from outside Those who passed by should not touch the door or any other thing in this door.
Cultural Tourism Village Project By community participation Is another project supported by Population and Community Development Association (PDA-Chiang Rai) was established as a downstream project.
Before disseminating this same development to other Akha tribe villages Tourists will experience the lifestyle of their own according to the traditional culture of the Akha hill tribe people. Which is considered another very interesting project ** Admission fee is only 40 baht per person.
Traditional Festival Swing Of the Akha people, the legend of shifting me Of the Akha hill tribe people told the tradition of swinging swings that Occurs in the time that Akha had settled in Yunnan Province in the southern part of China.
For a period of not less than 2000 years. Probably the area of "Kunming" modern retelling of the Akha language referred to this place as a land of "Ja There" Swing traditions of the Akha.
It is a legend that has not yet been clear what happened. But in the song Akha Sang, during the festival, it appears that the swing swing festival is a festival that begins with women starting by customizing the swing swing in the month of "Chor La Ba La".
Meets the end of August - until the beginning of September every year Which the legend says Leaders in those days Would like to be able to linger for the poor to suffer Therefore has set the ritual for swinging for 33 days.
Which during that time there was a ritual Would like the poor to starve to death because normally when there is a ritual, do not make a living when this is The poor therefore prepared the taro fruit that was in the forest to be stored in the house a lot. The rich man is also prepared.
In order to be consumed during the swing swing season When starting a ritual for a while The rich people who prepared rice for consumption began before While the poor still have enough to eat because they are prepared So the rich who think to pretend The poor will not die as expected.
As for the swinging swinging song, there will be one episode that "I want to swing The rich will die first. "As a result, the ritual has been held for the 4-day festival of Loi Swing. The present day, which holds a lot of free days and rain, organizes rituals.
Akha called this festival of swinging "Yar Ku Ja Aur" which means "eat in the rain". Therefore, the organizing of the swinging ceremony is organized to celebrate the crops. With growth and waiting for harvest Throughout the remembrance and honor of women.
Traditional Akha swing management will begin on the day of the majority, because it is considered a good auspicious day with 4 days.

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