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Lan Thong Mekong Cultural Park

Lan Thong Mekong Cultural Park

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Lan Thong Mekong Cultural Park Pa Tueng, Mae Chan, Chiang Rai. The 6 National Mekong Art and Culture and Wisdom Parks appreciate the natural beauty and relive the past to experience the well-being and culture of the northern communities, hill tribes and tribes of the Mekong River Basin.
Located in Chiang Rai Province, the 12th kilometer of Highway 1089 (Mae Chan-Tha Ton), 36 kilometers from Chiang Rai city, with an area of over 400 rai. To demonstrate the way of life of people in the Mekong River Basin.
In the atmosphere of a valley And Khun Nam Mae Chan Creek There are many kinds of ornamental flower gardens. Surrounded by tea plantations and flower gardens, there are interesting activities including elephant riding, wagon rides, elephant shows.
Various demonstrations such as making silverware Wicker Making mulberry paper Fabric weaving Embroidery work for hill tribes and demonstrating Yunnan tea methods Cultural performances from Thailand, Laos, China (Southern), Myanmar, Vietnam and Cambodia.
In addition to the spectacular performances and living arts and culture from the Xishuangbanna region By a group of actors from China And remember the past, experience the beauty of nature around the park.

Gong Chai the largest in the world Gong Chai Lan Thong, weighing about 3 tons, 5 meters in diameter, contemporary sculptures carved into 12 constellations, zodiac signs and bronze statues, 4 directions from 4 countries, namely Myanmar, Laos and Thailand, reflecting the friendship of the Mekong countries.
Khong Chai Lan Tower standing at Lan Thong, Mekong Basin Cultural Park, Chiang Rai is the land which Phaya Mangrai Was built in 1805, since 740 years. Therefore, Lan Thong Mekong River Cultural Park. Lan Khong Chai looks like a circle of 80 meters in diameter at the center, with the largest gong chai in the world. 
Therefore gathering culture Of the Mekong countries, including South China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, came to collect and sustain and maintain a good culture.
The front is carved into 12 zodiac signs and the back is a map of 6 countries. The distinctive characteristics of each country are mixed together below the floor around the gong courtyard, paved with red clay bricks.
And still leaves Kasalong on the brick floor (Kasalong tree is considered a tree in Chiang Rai province) as if Kasalong leaves fell on the land of Chiang Rai.
Surrounded by gong There is a statue of a lion, a sculpture from China, Myanmar, Laos, and Thailand. Each pair of countries stands out as a noble gong in all 4 directions.
Handsome lion The sculpture of the 4 gongs in the form of a statue of Singha is a symbol of protection of cultural heritage.
Sing Thai has brought the influence of Chiang Saen and Lanna art to create a sculpture, resulting in a lion pattern that has characteristics and shapes and details for contemporary work. The base has replicated the landmarks of Thailand, including Phra Prang, Wat Arun, Ratcharawararam. Giant Pho Giant Temple, Wat Chaeng and Chao Phraya River.
The Chinese lion took the lion's image in front of the palace in Beijing to create a sculpture, which resulted in a lion pattern that has the characteristics and shapes and details of the work in a contemporary style. China Such as the stone forest of Khun Ming And the Great Wall of China.
Myanmar Sing Brought the lion form from the entrance to the Chawedarong Temple The city of the universe Have been created As a result of the sculpture, resulting in the form of a lion with the shape and details of the work in a contemporary style.
Sing Lao has adopted the lion pattern used in the Maha Songkran parade ceremony in Luang Prabang. To create as a sculpture, creating a lion pattern that has the characteristics, shapes and details of contemporary works in which the base replicates the landmarks of Laos Is Wat Chiang Thong The capital Phra Bang Pu Yaya Ye Sing, which is the belief of the Lao people that brings those good things from heaven to bless on Songkran day.

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