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Important Telephone Numbers in Chiang Rai Tourism

Important Telephone Numbers in Chiang Rai Tourism

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Important phone numbers for tourism in Chiang Mai
Tourism Authority of Thailand, Northern Region 2, Chiang Rai
Tel. 0-5374-4674-5, 0-5371-7433, 0-5324-8604
Fax. 0-5371-7434
Thai Airways
Tel. 0-5371-1179, 0-5371-5207, 0-5371-5734
Fax. 0-5379-3059
Doi Tung Development Project
Tel. 0-5376-7015-7
Fax. 0-5376-7077
Chiang Rai province
Tel. 0-5371-1123
Restaurant and restaurant business club, Chiang Rai Province
Tel. 0-5371-4519
Fax. 0-5371-1869
Hotel business club, Chiang Rai province
Tel. 0-5371-1800, 0-5371-2973
Mae Sai Immigration Checkpoint
Tel. 0-5373-1008-9, 0-5373-1715
Chiang Khong Immigration Checkpoint
Tel. 0-5379-1663, 0-5379-1332, 0-5379-1817
Chiang Saen Immigration Checkpoint
Tel. 0-5377-7303, 0-5377-7118, 0-5378-4436
Tourism police
Tel. 0-5374-0249, 0-5371-7796, 0-5374-0249
CR Port (Chiang Rai)
Tel. 0-5375-0009
Siwan Pier (Mekong River Cruise for the Golden Triangle)
Tel. 0-5378-4101
Chiang Saen Pier (Xishuangbanna Cruise, China)
Tel. 0-5365-1136
Thai Air Asia
Tel. 0-5379-3545, 0-5379-8275
Chiang Rai Municipality
Tel. 0-5371-1333-4, 0-5371-7660, 0-5371-3272
Hilltribe Museum
Tel. 0-5374-0088
Oub Kham Museum
Tel. 0.-5371-3349
Opium House Museum
Tel. 0-5378-4060-3
Fax. 0-5378-4062
Chiang Saen National Museum
Tel. 0-5377-7102, 0-5365-0723-28
Chiang Rai Rajabhat University
Tel. 0-5377-6000
Mae Fah Luang University
Tel. 0-5391-7026, 0-5391-6038
Mae Fah Luang Farm
Tel. 0-5371-1968, 0-5371-2429
Chiang Rai Prachanukroh Hospital
Tel. 0-5371-1300
Kasemrad Sriburin Hospital
Tel. 0-5371-7499
Fax. 0-5371-7032
Overbrook Hospital
Tel. 0-5371-1366, 0-5371-5830-3
Chiang Rai Community Radio
Tel. 0-5376-8298-9
Management center Tourism, Chiang Rai Province
Tel. 0-53754991-2
Fax. 053-754991
Tourism, Sports and Recreation Center, Chiang Rai Province
Tel. 0-5371-6519
Hill Tribe Development and Relief Center
Tel. 0-5360-9249
Phu Chi Fa Tourist Service Center
Tel. 0-5371-0195-6
Chiang Rai Tourism Association
Tel. 0-5371-5690, 0-5371-3615, 0-5360-1299
Fax. 0-5371-5691
Chiang Rai Car Rental Association
Tel. 0-5371-5690, 0-5371-3615, 0-5360-1299
Police station
Tel. 0-5371-1184, 0-5371-1599, 0-5371-1444
Chiang Rai International Airport
Tel. 0-5379-8000, 0-5379-3048, 0-53793-3071
Chiang Rai Bus Station
Tel. 0-5371-1224
Chamber of Commerce, Chiang Rai Province
Tel. 0-5377-4880, 0-5370-0330
Hall of Opium, Golden Triangle Park (Opium Museum)
Tel. 0-5378-4444-6
Fax. 0-5365-2133
Mueang Chiang Rai District
Tel. 0-5371-9695, 0-5371-1288
Orient Thai Airlines
Tel. 0-5379-3555, 0-5379-3041
Chiang Saen District
Tel. 0-5377-7058, 0-5377-7110 

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