Mae Fah Luang Art and Culture Park

Mae Fah Luang Art and Culture Park

Mae Fah Luang Art and Culture Park

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Mae Fah Luang Art and Culture Park Rop Wiang, Muang Chiang Rai, Chiang Rai. Mae Fah Luang Plantation is located on the western plain of Chiang Rai city. Once a place to train hill tribe youth from various villages in the north.
At present, it is a delightful art and culture park with a variety of trees. Suitable for those seeking tranquility and inspiration from nature. And the local cultural arts museum, 150 rai of Mae Fah Luang plantation, is a showcase of art, culture, music, drama and is also suitable for organizing receptions for various forms. Meetings, seminars or rituals in the north, in the midst of a peaceful and sacred atmosphere.
Mae Fah Luang is a term for Thai people in the northern region of Thailand. Used instead of the name of Somdej Phra Srinakarin It is assumed that the hill tribe people get this word from the Tai Yai people in the south of China who call their master "Chao Fa".
Some people assume that This name comes from the crowds visiting Thai people. Which most of them will use the Heliport as a royal vehicle Like a mother from the sky to take care of children But regardless of the origin of this term Was a promise given to him You with love, worship, and appreciation for the mercy that His Highness has for the people in these areas Like the great love and compassion that a mother should have for a child.
Folk Art Culture Project The Mae Fah Luang Foundation and Thanakar Siam Commercial Co., Ltd. have initiated folk arts and culture projects to cultivate the values of people in today's society. Will join in pushing for those cultural heritage to continue.
Banks and Foundation Organized art, music and folk culture The goal is to praise and spread the folk culture. Regardless of the subject of recreation, food, language, literature, trust, medicine, etc. that have been occurring continuously for many generations.
This event will move to be organized in various provinces throughout the country as a tool for publishing folk culture. By wanting to see the beauty of the diversity of cultures in our country.
Which is one way that leads to good understanding and unity among the people in the country The important thing is to see the unique identity of Thai people in various sectors. Without necessarily having to replicate the culture and ideas of other nations.
Hor Kham is a Lanna architecture with teak roofs. Chiang Rai people build together for "Worship Mae Fah Luang" dedicated to the Voraka, Somdej Phra Srinakarin, Boromrachachonnani, the 84th birthday of 1984, which is a folk carpentry skill in Chiang Rai and Phrae. Inside the gild is a collection of art and Buddhist art. There are both Lanna Buddha images.
And wood carvings used in Buddhism such as sattel (old wooden candlesticks), Tung Kradong (Tung or wooden flags), flower bowls (flower containers, joss sticks, candles for worshiping monks). Giving a feeling that is hard to explain The sparkling candlelight in dimness invites joy. The important Buddha image in the gilded temple is Phra Prato, which is inscribed in the year 1693.
The villagers who have just moved into the area and still do not have the proper tools to carve a fine wooden Buddha statue, therefore only use a knife to counter the carving. Buddha images are strong and elegant.
Hor Kham Mae Fah Luang is a sacrificial offering on the occasion of His Majesty the King's 84th Birthday Anniversary and was constructed in 1987. "Mae Fah Luang" is a work of love, faith. Many people in many departments Which tries to create benefits for the public Which is a path to follow His Majesty's footsteps.
The architects of the gild are Mr. Songsak Thawicharoen, Khun Khongsak Chula Morakot, Khun Phaosuwanisak and Khun Thiraphon Niyom, Mr. Manat Rattanasatham and Khun Charui Kamonrat. Using a carpenter's house from Chiang Rai and Phrae Large wooden poles and teak trunks from the forest alley Has been supported by the Forest Industry Organization.
In addition to the 32 wooden houses of the old house, the foundation Is a buyer Department of Industrial Promotion assists in artwork decoration The village headman and the villagers of Pa Ngio were to help look after the valuable public property of Chiang Rai.
The first artifact to be shown on this auspicious occasion is Ware display And the Thai Lanna Teak wood Buddha image during the years 1986-1987. There was a great economic change in northern Thailand. There are improvements in electricity and communications. Villagers are better off, especially in villages that have traveled to work abroad. Many ancient temples have been demolished.
To create a new, modern style Ware or candlesticks are moved around. Mae Fah Luang, Mae Fah Luang agreed that preserving this beautiful art Therefore purchased these utensils to collect and maintain And at the same time there are many donors Ware is one thing that is useful. Help to bring light, peace, beauty and hope for many generations in Lanna Hope to show the ware Will help the audience to feel good as mentioned above too.
Golden teak Buddha image, important in the gilded gild One of the temples in Phrae province was given to be a monk. This Buddha statue has a long Buddha image that "Southern Buddha statue" which was built in the year 2236. It is said that it was built in the days of the pioneering construction of the city.
The villagers who migrated to the foundation at this area near the temple still lack the use of tools to elaborate the Buddha's details. Therefore need to build this Buddha statue using a big thick knife Therefore, the characteristics of Buddhahood appear in a strong, strong and elegant manner. Hopefully this Buddha image will be a great inspiration for the Mae Fah Luang plantation. The refugees began to pioneer work. And with the burden of having to overcome many obstacles.
The gilded structure and materials used in Lanna Thai are the latter, inspired by the temple in Lampang. The food is examined like an ancient Lanna house. Ornamental wire from Uttaradit province, which is the lower northern region.
Wood materials from the entire northern region. The Foundation bought wood from old wood in Chiang Rai Province. And Phayao, 32 houses, large pillars, courtesy of the organization Achan APO roof is the old roof of a country house Is a sheet of wood, about 4 inches wide, overlapping each other, which the villagers call "Kae Kadad" Carver from Chiang Mai and Lamphun Structural Engineer is a technician from the Irrigation Department.
There are 5 large triangular wood carving figures in this gild, which should be kept in mind. These 5 pieces of wood are made from 5 kinds of animals, which come from the symbol of the year of the birth of King Mithathibeth. Adulyadej Vikrom (Somdej Phra Boromratchanok) and Somdej Phra Srinagarindra, Rajabhatani, His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, come to Anantamahidol, Phra Batam, Pramoratham Bhumibol Det.
And Her Highness, Princess Kannananwattana, we have decorated the 5 carved wooden pieces, crafted this folk in the highest place In addition to "Royal gilded house" The foundation also spent time and money to improve the area around the gilded, clean and pleasant place to have a tree that is a place of birds and is suitable for walking and relaxing. Believe that the city of Chiang Rai, which has always received mercy from the people of Chiang Rai all the time It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to create a "gilded palace" for the benefit of the land of Chiang Rai.
Hor Kham Noi A walk in this park is a special experience. Within the park there are many kinds of forest trees. There is a statue of HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, the work of Miam Yip In Soi. There are laterite roofs, teak wood scales, which are called "gilded little" as a place to store wall paintings. Written with color dust on a teak wood board. Presumably written during the early reign of the 5th Rattanakosin By Tai Lue writers The picture shows the well-being, dress and Lanna culture of over a hundred years ago.
Hor Kaeo from Gilda Noi When walking through the herb forest to the south Will find a large building, "Hor Kaeo", which has two areas divided into sections, which is used to do activities such as meetings, seminars, banquets, etc. There is a balcony extending into the vast swimming pool. Suitable for a happy gathering And clear mind Another part is the exhibition area about teak wood. Both in botany And in terms of being a well-known material for creating works of art.
Large scale Lanna architecture building Completed in the year 2544 B.E., divided into 2 parts, one part is used for activities such as meetings, seminars, banquets, etc. There is a balcony extending down to the large pool, suitable for entertaining and light. mind Another part of the backpack exhibition area Which now has a permanent exhibition "Teak" and the exhibition of autism circulation "Gilded in the Lanna Kingdom".
"Gilded photo exhibition" consists of gilded images and way of life in the ancient Lanna capital, which is based on the past tradition. Considered that the gild is an important political and administrative center. Is based on beliefs, religious principles, astrology and is important to society From the photos that have been exhibited, it has evolved the architecture that has been influenced by politics all the time.
The exhibition begins with the structure of the gilded stone that has influenced the Burmese art that has spread throughout. By showing the image of the Maha Montien monk of the city, the photos of the gilded in northern Thailand Which includes Chiang Mai Lamphun Lamphun, Lampang, Phrae and Nan across the Mekong River to Upper Laos Will find the gilded Luang Prabang and Muang Sing Ended with a gilded image in Chiang Tung Yong Huay and Saen Kho in the state of Myanmar. 
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