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Doi Bo Mae Yao, Muang Chiang Rai, Chiang Rai. Doi Bo Royal Project Of Her Majesty the Queen. To help the hill tribe brothers To receive new agricultural learning To solve the problem of shifting cultivation Allocate appropriate eating That can do farming all year round.
There is a water system that is conducive to agriculture. Villagers who come to participate in the project will start from a nearby village, then will gradually expand into a far away village respectively. Within the Royal Project Received cooperation from many parties.
Doi Bo is one of the historical sites of Mae Yao Subdistrict, Mueang District, Chiang Rai Province. 1,345 meters above average sea level, located in the middle of the district The peak has a pond. But at present there is no water Due to the destruction of forest conditions.
1937, World War 2 occurred at Doi Bo, which is the highest peak. The forest is an abundant rainforest. Water wells can be stored for consumption. Governor of Chiang Rai In those days, soldiers, police and people were stationed on Doi Bo to watch for planes that would be bombed in Chiang Rai. By night using the signal light And daytime using mirror signals To open alarms for the public Get into the bunker immediately.
1945, the Second World War had passed and a group of about 30 hilltribe villagers were evacuated to the top of Doi Bo, in the area of Khun Huai Mae Lek and another group of Akha hilltribes. Settled in Khun Huai Pong Pham area.
And another group of Muser hill tribes migrated to the area of Khun Huai Mae Sak Division. The three groups of hill tribes gathered together to clear the forest for the area of opium cultivation and rice farming. The forest has been destroyed in large numbers until the soil is exhausted. Yao and Akha hill tribes.
Therefore migrated to other places, but the Lahu tribe remained at the same place until now. Thus causing the forest condition in Khun Huai Mae Sak Kong area to be destroyed most And other creeks Still unable to recover because of the nearby hill tribe people brought to shifting cultivation such as ginger farm, rice farm.
And corn fields And still hunting many kinds of wild animals Originally, before the year 2488, the area of Doi Bo is rich with large kinds of wild animals such as elephants, bison, tigers, deer, deer, etc. But there is no remaining. There are only small wild animals such as barking, wild boar, seeing monkeys, wild fowls, etc.
14 December 2003, the 15th Conservation Area Administration Office invited Mr. Sahas Boonyaviwat, the Assistant Secretary-General of the Royal Palace for special activities, to examine the Doi Bo area to consider establishing a high agricultural development station under the initiative. Government officials and local organizations, such as the head of the Mae Sai Watershed Management Unit.
President of Mae Yao Subdistrict Administrative Organization Permanent Secretary of Mae Yao Subdistrict Administrative Organization Mae Yao Sub-district Chief And the chief of Mae Yao Police Station Brought together to welcome and tell about various problems Available in this area, such as the problem of forest clearing Drug problem And the poverty of the people, until Sahas Boonyaviwat agreed to take it up. Her Royal Highness Queen.
On 31 January 2004, Her Majesty the Queen Queen Saw him Doi Bo Phon, Don Pholbunthap Sub-district, Subdistrict Administrative Court Said the report of the establishment of a high agricultural development station under the initiative of Doi Bo.
With the army commander, Region 3, as chairman of the working group Director of the Conservation Area Office 15, is the project director The project has an area of 15,000 rai, which is a degraded forest. Which must preserve and restore natural resources to their original state.
In the highland agricultural development project under the royal initiative, Doi Bo has surveyed the area of 543.73 rai in order to make a new agricultural demonstration plot for the people in the high agricultural development station Project Royal Initiative, Doi Bo.
Have studied, learned and brought back to do in their own land And this area was also the site of the Tabernacle Of the Queen His Majesty the Queen at the point of 47 473154, high above the sea level, 956 meters.
The villages that are in the project are 3 villages, namely, Baan To, Ban Chiew Phu, Moo 18 and Ban Lue, Moo 13, Mae Yao Subdistrict, Mueang District, Chiang Rai Province. With a population of 617 people, 126 households.
Her Royal Highness's initiative Queen At the time of the high agricultural development station Royal Initiative, Doi Bo, 31 January 2004.
1. Her Royal Highness Queen Has predicted that the next 10 years will be lacking water which have solutions to problems by increasing forest areas Therefore the development station High agriculture According to the royal initiative, Doi Bo, Mueang District, Chiang Rai Province Increasing forest planting.
2. Her Royal Highness Queen Has given Mr. Sahas Boonyaviwat, assistant secretary of the palace Special Activities Department Coordinate with the Petroleum Authority of Thailand to conduct more forest planting in the area.
Project objectives:
1. Establish a highland agricultural experiment station In order to educate the people in the farming process by using academic principles with limited space But get more productivity Enough to be self-sufficient And stop the invasion, clearing the forest, expanding the eating area of the people.
2. Conserve the forest in Doi Bo mountain range Which is the origin of Mae Sak Kong Creek. Pong creek, Ton Miang creek, Mae Yao creek (Huai Mae left) and various creeks To restore the complete forest condition as before.
3. Create jobs for people To have a career with income To help support the government in solving problems The unemployment of the people and help develop the image of the lives of the people to be Live better.
4. Build a strong community for all 3 villages in order to combat drug problems and extract drug trafficking routes through Chiang Rai.
1. Establish a highland agricultural experiment station at Doi Bo, Mae Yao Subdistrict, Mueang District, Chiang Rai Province, by requesting the use of reserved forest areas that have been compromised. In accordance with the royal initiative, Doi Bo constructed a dam, water storage, water pipes and a pond to bring water to be used for agriculture in the area of ​​a high agricultural development station project. In accordance with the royal initiative of Doi Bo.
2. Training for villagers to protect the forest of Baan Ta To, Ban Chae Fu, Ban Lubue, Muang District, Chiang Rai Province, 2 models each year, 100 people each, which is a 2-year continuous project for people to participate. In the conservation of forest resources, wildlife in Doi Bo.
3. Prepare a reforestation project for degraded forest areas By using the remaining space from the establishment of a highland agricultural experiment station To restore the forest to its original condition.
4. Establish agricultural cooperatives to allow people to group In the management of production planning and marketing, processing products into industrial agriculture For added value And grouping together to sell products in order not to be depressed.
5. Employment in the countryside to raise income And improve the quality of life of people To better by setting goals for the first year development Giving people in every household a higher income Line of poverty levels as determined by the government.
Travel: From Chiang Rai City Hall, passing Mae Fah Luang Bridge along Chiang Rai Road - Karen House, Mitr Mit Road, 18 kms distance to Karen Ruam Mit, then turn right along the road to the high agricultural development station. Royal initiative Doi Bo, a distance of 17 kilometers, total 35 kilometers.
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