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Mu Ser Doi Pu Kai Ban Du, Muang Chiang Rai, Chiang Rai. Is the only hill tribe in the Du House By going up the hill for about 2 kilometers, according to the story of an old man saying Have migrated from the mountains from Myanmar Came to settle in Doi Bo and the name of this village is named after the village leader named Mr. Kai.
Mr. Mon Pu Kai and nearby are the villages of Mr. Saeng. Which is called Mon Crab Saeng, which is currently still alive And later in the period of the Headman of the Ban Tin Pinit in 1982.
Combined the two villages And called this village Mu Ser Doi Pu Kai At present, this village has been promoted as a tourist attraction, with the first stay of Home Stay being tourists who would like to go to camp and those who come to help the villagers.
And bringing friends to stay in the camp The way of life of the hill tribes in this village is still a true Lahu tribe. No lifestyle changes as they should be If there is a change in living conditions in some areas, such as bringing electricity into the village There are some improvements but not all residential buildings. And a budget request from the Provincial Administrative Organization for the road to Doi Pu Kai For more comfortable traveling.
Mr. Ijai Pu Hua, the leader of Pu Khai community Said that the Thai hill tribe people helped to build a mountain Thai house There is a clean bathroom with a tap to open the homestay for 300 baht per night. The accommodation is made of grass and bamboo and the bathroom.
There is a standard toilet with tap water. Therefore attracting tourists to experience the fresh air and tribal culture along with OTOP products made from mountain Thai crafts such as Necklaces, necklaces, arms and woven fabrics The police will train hill tribe people together with the police to prevent drug abuse. And help to keep tourists safe.
Important nearby There is a beautiful Pong Phra Bat waterfall. And the discovery of traces of more than 10 stones is expected to be footprints of primitive animals such as dinosaurs stomping on the soil or on hot rocks Until solidified into a stone of millions of years Is a thin stone footprint, approximately 70 cm in diameter, on the Pong Phrabat ridge ridge About 3-4 km away from the village. 

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