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History of Roi Phra Bata (His Royal Footprint)

History of Roi Phra Bata (His Royal Footprint)

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During the 1950s, Thai  Communist Forces Started their activities in northern part of Thailand including Chiang Rai and Payao provinces , aimed to convert hilltribe peple to join their military operations.
1964 AD Thai Communist Forces sent some natives to Huaminh City in Communism Republic of Vietnam to train in political and military tactics to become the leaders of the operation in Northern Thailand especially in Chiang Rai province.
In 1966 the first gun blasted as the beginning of full form military operations at Ban Nam Pan , Na rai Luang sub district , Tungchang district in Nan province as for the February 26th is called “The Blasted Day” .
The fought increased its scale to become the war and on May 10th , 1967 , the battle at Ban Huai Chompu in Theong district was the first fight in the area of Doi Yao – Doi Phamon.
In 1978 , Thailand Communist Forces achieved their 5 settlements in the North while their most important base was on Doi Yao – Doi Phamon, Chiang Rai province called “Chiang Rai Chamber of Committees” , divided in to 4 areas of action, which were the 52nd , 9th , 7th and 8th forces.
Doi Yao –Doi Phamon was in the area of acton of the 8th forces of Theong district and Chiangkong district in Chiang Rai province included also with Wieng Kaen and Khun Tan district. There vere about 600 , well trained and armed forces mainly from Hmong tribe acted in the area tobether with roughly about 2300 non-military supporters.
Their objective was to sabotage buildings, roads and other infrastructures to obstruct the establishment of Government’s area for security.
Several fights in this area are the remembrance including The Battle of Ittipolchai ( AKA the Courageous at Doi Mon Khur ) , The Battle of Khun Namphong, and The Battle of Krieng Krai ( AKA the Courageous at 1188 hill , Doi Phraya Pipak ) .
With the vigorous and continuous military subjugation of Thailand 3rd Army during 1968 to 1982 , Thai Army achieved the absolute conquest over the Thai Communist Forces and so became the peace.
In 1981 , the 473th Army Battalion led by Lieutenant Colonel Wirote Thongmit gain a great victory by took over hill 1188 on Doi Phayapipak in the area of Doi Yao- Doi Phamon became the remembrance battle of Phraya Pipak.
Thus on February 27th , 1982 , His Majesty the King Bhumibol together with Her Majesty the Queen Sirikit , Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn , and Her Royal Highness Princess Somsawalee visited the army base and his populace on Doi Phayapipak Mountain, Theong district.
Never before and never once more up to now, was it a great appreciation for all of His Majesty’s subjects who had and audience the day that the king graciously leaved his footprint for the soldiers in the camp to be a cherished possession and a great memorial of his royal visit.
Nowadays the footprint enshirine inside the royal footprint pavilion “Sala Roi Phra Bata “ at  Doi YOD  behide   The  3rd  Battalion of Infantry , 17th Infantry Regiment  of Her Royal Highness the Princess Mother, MengRaiMaharath Military Camp in Muang district ChiangRai province and open daily for people to have a visit.
Thank to Mr Boontawee Pereira  Chiand Mai  Discovery Tours  Baan Du  Muang Chiang Rai  and Mrs SroiThong  Ree in  Chiang Rai Tourism Society  Muang  Chiang Rai.

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