Nam Ngiao Rice Noodle

Nam Ngiao Rice Noodle

Nam Ngiao Rice Noodle

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Nam Ngiao is a food in northern Thailand. There are components of opera flowers. Modified from Nam Prik Ong Curry paste is similar to sour curry paste in the central region. Is to use dried chillies But not wearing Krachai And put the rotten peas or bean paste or both Usually eaten with rice noodles (rice noodles) or noodles Nam Ngao is a famous food in Chiang Rai Province.
Nam Ngiao is a salty, spicy curry flavor. With a sour taste from tomatoes For adding rice noodle or noodles Same as noodles Or rice noodle soup Which the Tai Yai people often call Nam Ngiao Orange juice Which, if added with Knmhin Enter the water line in the mouth of the orange.
In order to cook the water bent pollen from the opera flowers. Red opera which is a type of dried red flower (in the northern language, opera means "kapok", also known as "white opera"), which is put into the opera Nam Ngao is a food that has been popular among Lanna people since the past until today. Ngao water is often prepared for banquets at various events. It is considered one of the Northern food of the Lanna people.
Knmhin Nam Ngiao With a opera flower an important element Eaten with pork and jiaow rice (Ngiao, Jasmine orange rice) as a side dish Initially, Knmhin was not eaten with Nam Ngiao  But just applied to eat together not long ago Nam Ngao is food for the Ngiao people. Which is a large group of Tai who live in Shan State, Myanmar. Later, evacuated to fight with the regime. Therefore come to live in every province in the north.
But the community is a large source of Phrae. Because at that time there was a concession of logging for the company from England. There is a great need for labor. The Ngao people therefore settle down to a large community in Phrae. Currently, Kanom Jeen Nam Ngao is popularly eaten together with various vegetables such as fresh bean sprouts, acacia shoots, spring onions, coriander, pickled lettuce, cayenne, rice barricade jigsaw, papaya salad and fried meat.
Rice noodle or noodles or Lanna people are popular to eat as Knmhin Nam Ngao Or cross the bend over the water line Nam Ngao is a curry sauce eaten with rice noodles or noodles. If it's noodle Call Ngo Ngao Noodles Some recipes use roasted peas or grilled roasted peas. Pound into the curry paste Instead of wearing a bean paste, Tai Tai people or Ngao called to enter the line of orange juice.
1. Chicken feet
2. Blood clot (pig blood or chicken blood)
3. 500 grams Leng bone
4. Pork bones
5. 150 grams minced pork
6. Kanom Jeen
7. Salt
8. 150 grams soy bean
9. Banana leaf
10. Chili paste with curry paste 250 grams
11. Dried hot pepper
12. Vegetable oil
13. Garlic
14. shallot 150 grams
15. 5 Coriander roots
15. 50 grams opera flower (soaked in water to soften)
16. Fish sauce
17. Little tomato 500 grams
Side dishes:
1. Coriander
2. Fried Chili
3. Raw bean sprouts
4. Pickled cabbage
5. Fry garlic
6. Lemon
7. Fuzzy cabbage
8. Pork Caps
How to do
1. Bring chicken feet to salt in. Then rinse thoroughly Then bring to rest.
2. Heat on low heat, bring the chicken feet to be tender.
3. Bring the cubes to boil in boiling water. And wash thoroughly.
4. Bring pork bones to salt it and clear the blood completely.
5. Make the broth over low heat. Add 4 liters of water / 1 tablespoon of salt. Add the leng bones, simmer over low heat until tender. Then scoop the debris or waste that will make the broth not clear away.
6. Set the mortar and then pound the bean paste. Then prepare the banana leaves to wrap the finished bean paste to grill until soft, fragrant and dry, then put in a mortar. And put the Prizaw in curry paste Pound together.
7. Heat a frying pan with vegetable oil, add the hot chilli. Deep fry for a while then bring up chilli Then fry the minced garlic into further frying. By frying the garlic until golden brown Then bring some garlic to rest. By remaining on a pan with moderation Then add the curry paste and stir fry until fragrant. Then add the shallots Stir well.
8. Then bring the minced pork, soft ribs prepared Stir-fry until the pork is cooked Add coriander root to stir again, then add to the prepared broth. Add the Ngew flower to boil and then boil the prepared chicken feet, add seasonings with fish sauce as desired. Add less tomatoes Simmer until the cartilage is soft and tender Then brought down a clot of blood Stew even when the water is rising.
9. Arrange the dish with rice noodles topped with the finished Nam Ngiao. Side dish water mixed together, then ready to eat. 

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