Covers Relics Traditionally

Covers Relics Traditionally

Covers Relics Traditionally

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Covers Relics Traditionally, The Worship relics is believed  to be derived from the past. It appears that But after the Buddha attained enlightenment around  three years .
At that has suffered to the people of Vaishali people numerous disasters. Born criminals killing innocent Even Brahmin clergy who baptized. Make a lot of people killed. 
When the Buddha visited only Distress suffered chaos suddenly lost the Buddha said, is amazing. This is not a miracle. But because power His charisma fabrics worship pagoda in a previous life. The tradition put flowers According to folk beliefs, Buddhism To put flowers create a very noble virtue.
 In the Buddhist legend that Bimbisara. King of Rajgir. He really like Jasmine flower. Everyday  is sent to Mr.Corona. Bring  flowers as an offering to 8 handful per day.
While he was picking flowers florist saw Lord Buddha along with a number of other monks. Mr. Corona observed the species Rangsri diagnostic screening flashed around the body.
The believability Buddha strongly Mr. Corona's decision to bring flowers to offer the Buddha. Simultaneously, it was the spiritual allusions. All the things that Bimbisara gave only sustenance in this world only. But bringing flowers sacrifices to Buddha.
Create refit Both this world and the next world. If the death penalty because he did not give consent jasmine. But after Bimbisara heard He’s  very pleasant and reward prizes. Since then, the life of Mr. Corona was cool forever.
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