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Ban Sillapin Listen to the artist's house at first, then as a gallery Baptist tailored to Exhibitions. But the fact that artists like to come home to visit a friend's house by the canal. It will roll over coffee, read a book, or even a night out and do not do anything, it's going up.
But that is kind, he opened the door for homeowners to enjoy it every day. Because in that dream many people have felt like a home with a gazebo on the waterfront. Relax at the rest of the work.
Such that the dream will not come true (defeated), but this is a wooden canal named "Artist" to bring us to experience the dream that kind of tangible reality. I also do not have to travel very far because of the artist resides in communities along the canal in the heart of Bangkok itself. But the emotional feeling of a country house. A concrete man like us could surprise.
Canal Khlong Luang is sound could not imagine that there is a canal in Bangkok, with a name ?? If that is the same canal. Klong Yai many would sing Oh well, that's up to you. This Klong Bangkok Noi canal But the river was the original line.
But with that as the river flows around the bend. Causing the ship to travel more Chairacha Ayutthaya king's favorite, so I started to dig a canal shortcuts. Later canal water erosion shortcut was expanded into a major river. As we saw in the front row. Thammasat there, it was originally a canal. The river was slowly waking him into a narrow canal.
Source called Klong Luang, it is estimated that the probability of corrosion of the word. Governor Bang Since the days of King Taksin land Beyond is also the capital I have built a raft nobles officials tied together along the canal is very common.
If you would like to visit each artist. It is open to visitors every day is a holiday. Each day can be turned off as soon as some, but certainly not the last 10 am to 6 pm every day of the open house it.
If a holiday, Saturday - Sunday. It opened up a little more Close to slow down a little as 9 am to 1 pm that add time to linger in holiday living longer.
But that just has increased since September 2553, it attracts people to come home too busy artist. I will puppet. The player to watch free afternoon at 2 o'clock every day to every other day, just one day. Then, on Saturday - Sunday. Also added around 11.30. Also around with.
Getting to the artist's house The entrance will be selected from both the areas. Then Road For those without a car Or taking private facilities for the world to sleep. By not driving Recommended that the incoming Rama 3 Road is most convenient. This alley is located opposite Wat Phra twists. Bus through the mouth of the alley, you will have several lines.
If the separate drive from Bangkok. Get off at the stop in front of Soi Ramkhamhaeng 1/1 or simple observation that the label will be right up out of the tunnel junction Tha Sn.
If the drive from the Project. Rong down sign This will be the fourth time Soi Ramkhamhaeng ride came to see High School is preparing to ring the bell to sign it.
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