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Luang Por Kao

Luang Por Kao

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Opening days: Daily
Opening hours: 08.00 - 17.00
Luang Por Kao An old Buddha statue that has been renovated. The Buddhists of Wat Hong have a lot of respect and trust in the sanctity. When driving past, they will honk their horns. There are many people who come to pray for blessings. The most popular solution is "Kom Pla Krim Khai Turtle" used to be created as a coin of Luang Por Khao as a sacred object. Renting worship as well, which is quite popular.
To get there: Along the canal, turn to Hansang Subdistrict, from Village No. 4 to Village No. 7, a distance of about 1 kilometer, there are 3 temples on the right side of the canal, and not too far away. that there is another monastery. 

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