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Mae Soi Dok Mak Shrine

Mae Soi Dok Mak Shrine

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Opening days: Daily
Opening hours: 08.30 - 16.30
Mae Soi Dok Mak Shrine It is located within the area of ​​Wat Phanan Choeng Worawihan. Khlong Suan Phlu Subdistrict Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya District Shrine Mae Soi Dok Mak is another holy shrine which has a background about love is important The Chao Mae Shrine is located by the waterfront of Wat Phanan Choeng Worawihan. which the Chinese call Chao Mae A Nie Shrine.
The history of Chao Mae Soi Dok Mak has a long history that has been passed down among the old city people from generation to generation. which contains the content that King Krung China gave a daughter named Phra Nang Soi Dok Mak to marry Phra Chao Sai Nam Phueng, the king of Ayothaya.
by organizing a boat procession to send Her Majesty Queen Soi Dok Mak to Ayothaya via Cholamark When the convoy arrived, she saw only the Sena Amart waiting to receive him. But he didn't see the honey bee prince who was preparing inside. His Highness had no regrets about not being welcomed with honor. and refused to get off the boat When King Sai Nam Phueng got into the boat to invite her by himself.
So she cut off and said: by Lord Sai Nam Phueng said that "If you don't want to get up, stay here." The Queen heard this and was very displeased. So he held his breath until his death on the boat itself.
Lord Sai Nam Phueng was deeply saddened. His Highness had her funeral and set up a court to commemorate her love and mourning. There are speculations that this name of Wat Phanan Choeng may come from the word Phra Nang Au Choeng. or Phra Nang Tham Choeng and Chao Mae Soi Dok Mak Shrine have become revered in remembrance of her. and depend on the minds of the people.
Beliefs and methods of worship It is believed that Chao Mae Soi Dok Mak will inspire those who come to pray for happiness and success, especially if they come to ask for blessings in matters of love and mate. If you have a firm heart is always as hopeful as he desires Or people who want to have children often come to ask for blessings from the goddess as well. When the wishes are fulfilled, they usually bring satin fabrics, pearls, and replica junk boats. or bring a lion to perform to offer to the goddess. 

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