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Wat Hin Kong Ratchaburi

Wat Hin Kong Ratchaburi

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Opening days: Daily
Opening hours: 08.00 - 17.00
Wat Hin Kong Ratchaburi Temple in Ratchaburi Province, Hin Kong Subdistrict, Mueang Ratchaburi District Ratchaburi Province, type of temple, Wat Rat, Wat Nikaya Maha Nikaya, walk up the mountain to see the beautiful scenery Take you to enjoy nature, mountains, rice fields, and stop by "Rim Doi Market at Mon Hin Kong" and also connect to many attractions in the nearby areas of Ratchaburi, such as the Thai-Yuan Market, Na Nong Temple, Kat with the way of the Khu Bua community. It looks like a one-day trip, but it's fun to travel in many places as well.
Wat Hin Kong, Ratchaburi with views of the surrounding area of ​​Wat Hin Kong Located on the mountain walk, Village No. 1, Hin Kong Subdistrict, Mueang District, Ratchaburi Province, which is newly opened, "Rim Doi Market Na Mon Hin Kong" tells about the way of life. culture of people in the community When walking up the stairs to the top of the mountain, you will find a large and small tree that looks shady. Looking outwards, you will see the scenery of the mountains interspersed in a line of art in front of you. and green fields during the rainy season Standing on the top of a mountain, can look in all directions in 360 degrees. Seeing cow pastures. Abundant ponds with beautiful nature
There are people's houses scattered around the surrounding community. Importantly, the area above is still enshrined by Luang Pu Thuat. There is also a footprint of the Buddha's footprint, which is revered at the top of the mountain. Some points are in the process of improving the beauty. There are decorations to decorate the place as a photography point. Use locally available materials such as dragon jars. which are arranged to form a long wall planted with yellow, pink, flowering trees, beautiful colors, including dolls and wicker as a stylish seat according to the concept for taking pictures. It also uses folk arts and culture to insert the way of life of the people in the community. The word "mon" is a northern dialect meaning a mountain or a hill that is not very large. If it is a large mountain, the word "doi" is often used.
In addition to temples in Ratchaburi province There is also a Rim Doi Market at Mon Hin Kong. There are products in the community that are sold. Villagers grow their own crops, produce them and sell them in more than 100 shops. After unlocking, villagers can make a living. therefore began to open this market for the first day There will be cultural performance activities divided into 3 zones. There is a student zone, students come to play Thai music. The elderly zone has cultural performances for each ethnicity.
On Mon Hin Kong, you will be able to see a 360 degree view of Wat Khao Wang, Wat Nong Hoi and the scenery around Khao Kaen Chan. Can see all over Ratchaburi received mercy from the governor The deputy governor came to oversee the management of this area. together with community development travel and sports including related agencies to help take care As for the decoration of the place, it has a northern style because it has been named Rim Doi Market at Mon Hin Kong. When tourists get off the bus, they will feel that they have arrived in the northern region. There are villagers in the area helping to improve and develop the area to be beautiful.
Inside “Rim Doi Market Na Mon Hin Kong”, there will be a walking path that traverses along the edge of the mountain, both sides, up to the top and down to the bottom. It is decorated with colorful umbrellas, lotus basins and flower pots blooming in the sunlight. As you walk in, there will be a local shop selling local agricultural products, including vegetables, fruits, organic processed foods, sweets, traditional food, hand-woven fabrics, and local products.
Lullaby with the music of the students to play to create happiness on vacation. Many people bring their families to visit, taste, see, shop. with the opening of a new attraction that is not far from Bangkok It is also connected to many tourist attractions in the nearby areas of Ratchaburi, such as Tai-Yuan Market, Wat Na Nong, Kad Vithi, Khu Bua Community. At Wat Klong Suwan Khiri, Amphoe Mueang, looks like a one-day trip, but can enjoy many places as well. 

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