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Nine waterfall (Khao Jones)

Nine waterfall (Khao Jones)

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Operating day: daily
Operating time: 08.00 - 16.30
Nine waterfall or Khao Jones (Nine Jones) is located at Moo 7, Tambon Huai Pha farmstead Suan Phung district, Ratchaburi 1 km away from Bo Klueng Hot Stream.
The water falls of the cliff in Tenasserim Hills from the watershed on a plateau which is abundant and continuously rainy forming a natural stream flowing through the hills the area below for 14 floors or about 25 km.
However, tourists are allowed to access only 9 floors because the high floors are steep cliffs and gulfs with water all year round. Rocks in the waterfall area are granites.
Rock fields where granites are beautifully and uniquely placed are found in some floors. This waterfall is originally known only among the Karen people. Later on, in 1941, foreign companies earned the mining concession at the bottom of the waterfall.
The Karen people normally referred to it as Western proprietors' mine. After the contract had ended, a Thai company took over the mine until the concession ended in 1980.
When it was a mine, Karen and Mon settled down and built almost 30 houses. The water flowing with the waterfall could not be consumed because it is full of mud from the mountain finding minerals.
From then, Suan Phueng District, Ratchaburi Province and local organizations have developed the area into a famous tourist attraction today. The most beautiful and popular place is the sixth floor because during the raining season, the water falls off the cliff beautifully. 
The name Khao Jones is derived from the word Khao Kra Jone. Khao means nine and Kra Jone means leaping like the movement of water.
The stones in this area are granites which do not decay easily meaning the water flowing through this waterway does not scour the cliff and it appears like the water is leaping from the cliff.
Later on the waterfall had become more popular and people conceived the name wrongly thinking that it is the homophone meaning nine thieves which is frightening for tourists. It was later changed into Nine Waterfall or Nine-floor Waterfall instead.
The waterfall is accessible by walk. 500 metres from a parking lot, visitors will find the lowest floor and it is possible to hike up to the highest for about 4.8 km in 3-4 hrs. Fees for bikes 10 baht, for cars 20 baht, and for buses 100 baht. (Going on foot is free)
- Prepare drinkable water at least one bottle per person
-Sixth to ninth floors are steep. We recommend going at least in a pair to help each other out.
-Those who want to hike up to the ninth floor
 should start walking no later than noon and come back before 16.00 because of the dark.
-Those who want to take photos should leave at 15.00 and will reach the ninth floor at about 18.00. Visitors should prepare tents, hiking gear and a flashlight. It is not recommended to hike back down due to the dark.

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