Mangrove Resources Development Station 6 Bang Khun Sai

Mangrove Resources Development Station 6 Bang Khun Sai

Mangrove Resources Development Station 6 Bang Khun Sai

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Operating day: Daily
Operating time: 08.00 - 17.00
Conservation Center And Mangrove Ecosystems Bang Ta Bu No Ok, Ban Laem, Phetchaburi. Wetlands of Phetchaburi province Scattered along the coast, a distance of about 44 kilometers.
And depending on the Phetchaburi River the brink. Bang Tabun rivers and canals of the flood waters. Mangrove areas, 80 percent in the district Ban Laem.
There are many different kinds of plants. The still abundant, with about 15,000 rai. The rest were taken to serve the shrimp fish pond and Na Kluea.
Is governed Department of Environment and Natural Resources Located in front of Wat Bang Khun Sai. Mangrove is responsible for the conservation and restoration of rights.
The involvement of the community. Protection and suppression. The invasion destroyed over 35,000 rai mangroves in Phetchaburi Province.
Including information dissemination to the general public. Awareness of protecting maintained. The integrity of the marine and coastal resources. These are the most beneficial and sustainable.
The station consists of ecotourism activities. Foot Natural Study Mangrove Resources Development Station 6. Make a nature trail to the tourists. Or who are interested in the story of the forest. And coastal ecosystems.
Walk comfortably Knowledge is labeled And that guide the children in the community. To be a tourist guide. The nature trail Can enjoy the natural beauty of the coastal the mangrove vegetation depends.
Wide variety of birds, Mudskipper, crabs, fiddler crab beautiful. A lull from Kuggdidkan Coastal and several other species, with the audience.
For those who are interested to plant mangrove trees at this station. Can contract in advance. It may come as a group or family. The station staff will prepare seedlings. It expenses a little.
Also, those who wish to stay overnight. Can contact the station in advance. Our way of life, traditional fishermen. Is known as the largest natural source of cockles in Thailand.
Tel Tel: 032400826
Fax Fax: 032400825
Mangrove Resources Development Station 6 Bang Khun Sai Map Mangrove Resources Development Station 6 Bang Khun Sai Map
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