Sri Nakarin National Park

Sri Nakarin National Park

Sri Nakarin National Park

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It was announced on 23 December, 1981, to be a national park with an area of 953,500 rai (1,496,800,000 square metres). Interesting tourist attractions are as follows: Tham Sawan The cave has just been discovered in the area of Khuean Srinagarindra National Park, near Ban Ton Maphrao, Tambon Mae Krabung, Amphoe Si Sawat.
The characteristic of the cave is a natural hole which is 9 metres wide, 9 metres high and 150 metres long. There are also prehistoric cave paintings. To get there, the cave is situated on the way from Namtok Huai Mae Khamin to Namtok Erawan. Turn right at Ban Ton Maphrao School and go straight on for 1.5 km. until getting to Ban Ton Maphrao.
Take a car from the village to the entrance of the cave another 500 metres. A four-wheeled drive car and a local guide from Ban Ton Maphrao are suggested. Tham Neramit It is a massive cave divided into many rooms with amazing strangely-formed stalagmites and stalactites, located 10 km. before Namtok Huai Mae Khamin.
Go along the way to Wat Tham Neramit for 2 km. and walk on for 300 metres. 4 km. from the cave; another three large caves; Tham Nam Mut, Tham Phra Prang and Tham Phra Kho, are situated. Please contact guides or Khuean Srinagarindra National Park officials.
Travelling by a pick-up or four-wheeled drive car is recommended. Tham Nam Mut It is situated in the area of Khuean Srinagarindra National Park in Ban Nam Mut, Tambon Mae Krabung. Its entrance is 15 metres in width and 10 metres in height. It contains a deep hole and stream continuously flowing out of the cave.
Tham Phra Prang It is another massive beautiful cave of Kanchanaburi, located in the area of Khuean Srinagarindra National Park in Ban Nam Mut, Tambon Mae Krabung. It is divided into many rooms with stalagmites and stalactites.
To get there, take the route to Namtok Erawan, 11 km. before getting to Namtok Huai Mae Khamin. Turn left, pass through Wat Nam Mut for about 500 metres and park the car at the foothill behind the temple. Use the lane to climb up to the cave about 400 metres to reach the entrance of the cave.
From the car park, in the northwest with a height of 130 metres, you can find Tham Phra Kho. Namtok Huai Mae Khamin It is situated near the National Park Office on the Srinagarindra Dam lakeside, 108 km. from Kanchanaburi. Covered with diverse kinds of plants, its water source is on the dry evergreen Kala Mountains in the east of the park flowing down to Srinagarindra Dam.
It is one of the most beautiful cascades with 7 levels; named, Dong Wan, Man Khamin, Wang Na Pha, Chat Kaeo, Lai Chon Long, Dong Phisuea and Rom Klao. The national park has made a pathway for people climbing up to each level along the natural study route.
Visiting the waterfall in October to April is suggested. Accommodation and camping site are available for tourists including restaurants and slide projecting at night. Admission is Bt200 for adults and Bt100 for children. For more details, contact the National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department, Bangkok, at Tel. 0 2562 0760 or
To get there
By Car Route 1: Drive along Highway 323 passing Kanchanaburi, then take the route ‘Kanchanaburi-Namtok Erawan’ (Highway 3199) passing Tham Phra That, Huai Phu Mut (Wat Phu Mut). Take the laterite road for 104 km. until getting to Namtok Huai Mae Khamin.
A maintained powerful car is needed; otherwise, rent a Song Thaeo from the town or Khuean Srinagarindra Market. Route 2: Bring the car crossing the river by ferry. Take Highway 323, passing the town then take the ‘Kanchanaburi-Tha Kradan-Mae Lamun Route (Highway 3199).’ Park the car on the ferry at Mae Lamun Pier crossing to Amphoe Si Sawat Pier for 15 minutes. Car fee is Bt50 each.
Drive on for another 10 km. to get to the ferry pier crossing to Huai Mae Khamin Pier for 30-45 minutes with a charge of Bt150 per car. Then drive on another 7 km. to Namtok Huai Mae Khamin.
By Boat Charter a boat at Mong Krathae Pier or Tha Kradan Pier, 12 km. from the intersection leading to Srinagarindra Dam. It costs Bt1500 (10 persons)-Bt3000 (30 persons). When arriving at Huai Mae Khamin Pier, walk upwards another 200 metres to the waterfall.
By Bus Take a Song Thaeo from Wat Thung Lat Ya in Amphoe Mueang passing Ban Ton Maphrao, Ban Nam Mut, Phut Ta Sian and Namtok Huai Mae Khamin. The car departs at noon (12.00 a.m.) and takes about 4 hours to get there. (Note: The departure time is changeable.)
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