Wat Wang kanai Ai Yi Ka Ram Hot Water

Wat Wang kanai Ai Yi Ka Ram Hot Water

Wat Wang kanai Ai Yi Ka Ram Hot Water

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Wat Wang kanai Ai Yi Ka Ram Hot Water. Located on Wang Kanai in Wang Kanai temple . Department analyzed. And proved hot water in the pond. It appears that the water there are many minerals that are beneficial to the body.
The water that heating to 42 ° C until the year 2541 to provide a measure of the local people up. So that people can comment on the development.
Mr. Suraphan (manager of sangsome ltd.) suggested that the water was sent to the Kaset University at Kamphaeng Saen on the analysis of the research, it appears that mineral.
There are many kinds of minerals in the water, such as The acid-alkaline (pH) 6.15 EC (conductivity) 1.20 mS / cm Total hardness (Total Hardness) 740 ppm. Total solids (Total Solids) 740ppm zinc (Zn) 0.002 ppm copper (Cu) less than 0.005 ppm Sodium (Na) 30 ppm. Calcium (Ca) 150 ppm magnesium (Mg) 36 ppm iron (Fe) 0.02 ppm Chloride (Ci) 6 ppm manganese (Mn) 0.17 ppm. Nitrate (No / 3) 0.09 ppm and a pH (Alkalinity) 1430ppm Turbidity (Turbidity) 1, which is beneficial to the body.
Travel to the village of White Marsh. From Kanchanaburi along the road.
Mobile Mobile: 0810051355
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