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The Tradition of Kantoke

The Tradition of Kantoke

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The Tradition of Kantoke is the tradition of the popular Northerner practice. Since ancient, entertain guests by eating Khantoke which may have several names such as "Kin Khao Lang Khantoke (have a dinner)" and the short call "Khantoke" or "Satoke".
Khantoke is Northerners eating culture. It is a way of eating by sitting on the floor while watching local performance of the Northerners. This is also to welcome important guests by serving many kinds of food on a container called khantoke or Toke.
The culture and tradition of the legendary to this day, particularly in Chiang Mai and Lamphun. Activity place in this
1. Prepare a sufficient number of guests Quad. It also is used as a dining seats. There is also a theater show
2. Contrary Rachwati or fences made of bamboo ceremony will be hammered. Then weave a rough next to the Barrier is made into two or four out of coconut leaves were split down the middle. Hunched like entrance into the forest.
3. embroidered trees such as banana, sugar cane, the kuk (plant leg) around Rachwati like a maze Vessantara residence.
4. holy thread Using the cycle Rachwati If the bowl is raising ceremony with baisrisukwan.
5. Lighting lamps Using wax or paraffin lace around Rachwati.
6. Set the master (the water) chamber and clubbed Issy cigarette (smoking) and wrapped.
7. Salga, which includes local bands played the flute and drums for the feed bowl.
8. jasmine garlands for hosting the neck guests arriving at the ceremony.he tradition of the feast bowl.
Kantoke consists of rice sticky rice soup or chili sauce pork rind sausage, Hunglei, lab vegetables, as well as desserts. Which of these foods to a small bowl. Place them in a bowl until Then take cover until confections Corpus bowl will be finished.

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