Kad Jean Hor

Kad Jean Hor

Kad Jean Hor

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Opening Day: Friday
Hours: 06:00 to 12:00
Kad Jean Hor Chiang Mai so lovely. It is a multicultural city it fed on the air at the drop of a pattern that first visit paid by urban mustard. Alleyways of the city, which still has a lot. (Charoen pra ted Road, Soi 1), the Muslims will have food for sale.
Kad is in the old house over 100 years of finishing in the Liang. (Muslim China in the early prototype of the Town) of cabbage for this unique and exciting. I would like to go off in another world, one that does.
Kad Jean Hor open every Friday from noon until dawn. I have a strange kinds of vegetables, pickles and a tin of meat Etgahogiig dew (he dried the dew on it. With a sun), shrimp, crab, fish, shellfish, big giant.
When you have people coming out of China and sale. But now it's time to change something. It's more diverse  Of the sales mix to a whole lot of clothes,
But also to see some Chinese Hong innermost.And that man is to see some trishaw ride. Which will be thin and may disappear in the near future.
Kad Jean Hor Map Kad Jean Hor Map
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