Kad Ton Prayoam

Kad Ton Prayoam

Kad Ton Prayoam

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Open: 06:00 to 18:00.
In the past  people call Kad Chean Doi. It is situated in the Doi Suthep Rd, Suthep is referred to in the name of the Suthep mustard is known to be native to the forests here. now vegetable product from forest has a little bit because merchan came to our secure Warorot mustard. But in the morning. In front of my morning with mustard to taste.
Located : Suthep Road, Chiang Mai University.
Travel by Car from CMU. The Huay Kaew hotels to the mountain, turn right onto the road about 1.7 km irrigation canal to the intersection, turn left. Kat is right.
Points of Interest.
Shopping for souvenirs. This place is another option. If you do not want to go to the Kad Warorot due to heavy traffic. It's not a native. Chilli Capmhoo sausages discourage pickled garlic, pickled fruits, dried fruit compote, especially Capmhoo he fried the other day with a stick to it and is it a new grill and heat for a visit in the winter. an express or bamboo worms fried with salt to taste.
Eat breakfast. Kat was a busy morning. I was shopping, it's great. People who are waiting for the monks at the front edge of Suthep Road is lined with shops, delicious turnip up. I'm starting to do it. If you want to eat pork, rice, coffee,shopping cart is sold in many stores.
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