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San Kam Pheang

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Hot Springs is located in San Kamphaeng district, Chiang Mai. Far away from town about 34 kilometers This is a famous hot spring with a long tour of the city as well.
Ambience is surrounded by mountains and nature , many kind of flowers and spectacular natural wonders on the scene. From the changes of the earth was created by the hot water temperature to 100 ° C hot water to a boil. Surging up from the earth to the sky as high as 15 meters is very remarkable.
The front of entrance is a spacious parking , food and  beverages shop and many eggs shop. From  way into the hot spring is a long row of shops and souvenir shops. City of Chiang Mai 
The cloth was over, an umbrella, decorative, herbs, many kind of fruits, food processing, ceramics. , Wood carvings and many more that we can see and choose. Buy a gift for the home are the products that come from the local knowledge is commendable. A variety of products. Deposits of the north, another one.
Next to the building of the memorial is part of the garden. Catering to the beauty of the season with a flower in winter, hot, rain, and if they come in winter, flower in winter, here's a idea you have some beautiful and full of grass to run around and make small road around flower Garden.
For a nature walk, we can use the line in the nature of the activity. The flowers are beautiful. And with every season. The path to the hot springs around the area was filled with all kinds of wild plants.
And a small tree that gives shade. For leisure travelers who visit the area. The booth seating and dining table and chairs under the trees. The area around the hot springs.
Valley surrounded by flower gardens.
Along the way has the hot stream that flows from the hot mineral hot springs at the top. The presentation of hot water about 2 feet wide temperature range from very hot to the cold.
The second stream is the seat for tourists to hang it in the water to relax your feet. Muscles in the foot and fungal diseases as well during the last warm and cold water, there was a small pond for children to soak up some fun.
Foot wells.
Hot water for the children. Foot massage.
When he reached the water's hot. The front is a large pond for visitors to boil eggs, boiled eggs and cooked. It has period time to boil it.
1.  A Soft-boiled eggs, boiled for 3 minutes  
2. A Harden eggs  It takes about 5-6 minutes 
3. A boil then cook for 10-15 minutes, when the tourists have to prove to the rest of this hot spring. The Most Popular San Kamphaeng Hot Springs. The rising of the hot springs and boiling eggs and eat it. Have fun! 
The hot springs in the area of coping. To boiling.
The two water wells, geothermal heat rising up from the aircraft noise over the area is a natural stream is gradually broken up by water droplets in the air higher than 20 to 30 meters.
From water to heat up the air below the water droplets and the temperature was reduced to a water spray to cool when the wind blows through the breath came into contact with skin. When we go around the fountain, we feel the pressure, the boiling heat, as heat from the earth below is a very hot.
San Kamphaeng Hot Springs is a vacation destination all year round. As a tourist destination. Fully in all aspects.
Fees: tent.
- The tent is 50 baht / person / day.
- Rent a tent and bedding 150 Baht / person / day.
- Children 10 baht
- Adult 20 baht
Scoop up water mineral baths.
- Another 20 baht
 A mineral bath soak.
- Another 40 baht
The total mineral bath soak.
- Per hour 300 baht
Mineral bath at the house.
- Per hour from 200 to 300 baht
Pool of mineral water.
- Children 30 baht
- Adult 50 baht
- Towels for 10 baht
- Dry swimwear 20 baht
- Mineral water bath in the 1,000 to 1,200 baht / day.
- Hair and of 3500 baht
- Massage 140 Baht / hour.
- Foot massage 140 baht / hour.
More details.
San Kamphaeng Hot Springs is located in Ban Mae On district, Chiang Mai, op. Hai open daily from 8.00 am - 21.00 pm Admission is 30 baht each service cooperative offers mineral bath and offers a restaurant and souvenir shops. Call for more information. San Kamphaeng Hot Springs office phone. 0 53-92 9077 0 53-92 9099.
A trip to San Kamphaeng Hot Springs.
A. Car.
Take the second path.
- Or the Chiang Mai - Chiang Mai - The new cast-on - hot springs. There are clear signs along the route.
- The Chiang Mai - Chiang Mai - the cultivation of teak trees - the hot springs. (This route is through the Cave City Convention, which is 4 kilometers away from the hot springs).
Two. Of public buses.
If tourists wish to travel by bus, it can be done by bus from the bus station a white elephant to a charter bus from Chiang Mai and Chiang Mai. The hot spring for about 200 baht per car.
There are also bus services from the Authority in the hot springs at Hot Springs at 10:00 am and from 13:00 am every day for 200 Baht  per person.

Tel : 053929077, 053929099

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