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Lanna Traditions and Culture

Lanna Traditions and Culture

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Traditions refer to the rules and conventions used to determine behavior in various situations that people in that society adhere to. and practice successively by the traditions in the national society There will be both blending together in the same way. And there are some differences according to local popularity. But overall, there is a purpose. and have a way of operating as one and there are only minor parts that add up or shortened to each locality For Thai traditions, they are often associated with beliefs in Buddhism. and Brahmin since ancient times
Culture means the way of life of people in that society. By most people, there will be a practice inherited from each other. That culture will change according to the conditions of time. when invention or discovering new things, new methods used to solve problems and better respond to the needs of society which may cause members of the society to be popular and eventually may stop using the old culture, thus maintaining or maintaining the old culture There will be improvements. or develop culture to be appropriate and effective according to era and time
Culture can be divided into two types:
1. Material culture, including four factors
2. Spiritual culture includes art, literature, religion, and rules that promote the mind.
Tradition and culture are things that do not exist directly in nature. But it may be something that socializes. Or people in society as a whole that together create it. and transmitted to each other in a manner or different methods by the content of the tradition and culture that exists in the minds of the people about opinions, beliefs, feelings that have been accumulated and passed down from generation to generation Until they get used to it, it's called social habits or customs.
Lanna Kingdom In the past, there would be prosperity and prosperity. People had peace since ancient times. They had faith in Buddhism. forged into art and beautiful cultural traditions continuation from the past to the present The Lanna people have continued to adhere to the principles. and philosophy of the Buddha's teachings as a way of life peacefully all along
Lanna Kingdom There are people living in many races. with similarities Appearance characteristics, including various customs, as some have said, the ethnic diversity is the cause of Lanna, with many races such as
1. The Lua group is a city dweller in the Mon-Khmer group. The settlement spread throughout the north to Keng Tung, Yong and various valleys by the Lua tribe, there are many tribes. and there are very different levels of prosperity
2. Meng is an ancient Mon ethnic group who settled in the north for a long time.
3. Tai Yuan is a large group that uses the city dialect.
4. Tai Lue, Thai Yong, believed to have been in contact with local people for a long time before migrating further.
5. Tai Khuen is a group of people of the Khun River basin. or hairs of different groups, it is called Khin, located in Kengtung Province, Burma
6. Thai Yai Most of them live in Mae Hong Son Province. and other ethnic groups, including many mountain tribes
North traditions and culture of the North, the North, or what most people call Lanna It is a land of many cultures and traditions that are charming to explore no less than other regions of Thailand because it is a city full of fascination. including tourist attractions, history, local language, costumes, folk games, local food, northern traditions and northern culture It is considered an activity that has been practiced continuously for a long time.

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