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North in Thailand เIt is the region at the top of Thailand. With the characteristics of the terrain consisting of mountains Or mountains that are complex The north has a savanna climate. That looks like most areas of Thailand Above sea level And the latitude is at the upper level, resulting in the weather in the north to change with the season clearly, for example, if entering the winter. Will be colder than other regions.
In addition, the North has a cultural relationship with the Lanna Kingdom. Which from historical evidence found that In the north of Thailand Was originally the location of the Lanna Kingdom before Which was established in the year 1835 by Phaya Mangrai and collapsed together of the two kingdoms, Hariphunchai and Hiran Nakorn Chiang Saen. And established the official capital in the year 1839 in the name of Nop Buri, Srinakhon Phing, Chiang Mai.
Topography of the north In addition to the complex mountains, there are many important areas of the country such as Area on the northern end of the country at Mae Sai District Chiang Rai With the highest point of the country at Doi Inthanon Chiang Mai Province The westernmost area of ​​the country at Mae Sariang District Mae Hong Son Province The northern region has a total area of ​​approximately 93,690 square kilometers. And is the first area in Thailand where the Mekong River flows With the first point passing through the Golden Triangle area Chiang Saen District Chiang Rai The border of the north is bordered by neighboring countries. And other regions such as Myanmar and Laos, etc.
Rule of the north Will be divided according to geographical characteristics, traditions, society, culture and language, divided into 6 regions comprising 17 provinces, namely the upper North (Chiang Rai Province, Chiang Mai Province, Nan Province, Phayao Province, Phrae Province, Mae Hong Son Province, Lampang Province, Lamphun Province and Uttaradit Province) Lower North (Tak Province, Phitsanulok Province, Sukhothai Province, Phetchabun Province, Phichit Province, Kamphaeng Phet Province, Nakhon Sawan Province And Uthai Thani Province), divided by the nature of the natural region located in the mountainous region.
North transportation Will consist of air transport, namely Chiang Mai Airport, Mae Fah Luang Chiang Rai Airport, Nan Nakhon Airport, Lampang Airport, Phrae Airport, Mae Hong Son Airport And Pai Airport The land transport consists of National Highway 1 (Lampang - Ngao - Phayao - Chiang Rai - Mae Sai), National Highway No. 11 (Uttaradit - Den Chai - Lampang - Lamphun - Chiang Mai), National Highway 101 (Sukhothai - Den Chai - Phrae - Nan - Border Checkpoint), National Highway No. 103 (Ngao - Rong Kwang), National Highway 105 (Mae Sot - Mae Sariang).
Location and north boundary North: The land at the northern end of the region is Mae Sai District, Chiang Rai Province. With border contact with Burma and Laos There will be mountains in Dan Lao. The river and the Ruak river border the boundary South: The territory in the southernmost part of the region is Phichai District, Uttaradit Province, Eastern Province.The easternmost land of the region is Pua District, Nan Province, bordering Laos. There is a mountain range of Luang Prabang border. And west The land in the westernmost part of the region is Mae Sariang District. Mae Hong Son Province Border with Burma The Moei River and the Salween River border the border.
Major rivers of north Thailand It consists of the Mekong River such as Ruak River, Kok River, Sai River and Ing River. The river groups that flow into Chao Phraya River such as Ping River, Wang River, Yom River and Nan River The last is a group of rivers that will flow into the Salween River, such as the Moei River, the Yuum River and the Pai River.
Natural resources of the North in Thailand Soil fertility is at a moderate to low level. Because most areas are high. And has a very slope There is deforestation Makes the soil easily collapse Most of the soil found in rivers is Lan Lan Soil. Suitable for field crops, alluvian soil suitable for farming, etc.
Water resources section Largest freshwater lake Kwan Phayao Outside of that, there will be a short river in the north where dams are built for irrigation. And generating electricity, including Kiew Lom Dam blocking the Wang River In Lampang Province, Sirikit Dam Nan River Barrier Located in Uttaradit Province, Mae Ngad Somboon Chon Dam In Chiang Mai And Kaeng Sua Ten Dam in Phrae Province.
Forest resources Will be a perfect forest Most of them are evergreen forests, pine forests and mixed forests. The province with the most forest is Chiang Mai Province. And the province with the least forest is Lamphun Province.There are many kinds of mineral resources, such as kaolin, found mostly in Lampang province, ratanachart ore found in Phrae province, petroleum found in Chiang Mai province, oil shale found in Lamphun province, coal found at Lampang Lamphun Province, Tin ore found mostly in Chiang Mai Province, Tungsten or Wolfram Found in Chiang Rai Province, Manganese ore found mostly in Lamphun Province, Chiang Rai Province, Chiang Mai Province. And fluorite Found in Lamphun Province.
The population of the north of Thailand The population is the fourth largest after the Northeastern, Central and Southern regions, with the most populous province in Chiang Mai. And the province with the least population is Mae Hong Son Province Most are hill tribes. It consists of various tribes such as Karen, Hmong, Lisu, Muser and Yao.
Important economy in northern Thailand Such as agriculture, farming, farming, farming and animal husbandry. The most important economic crops are rice, tobacco, garlic and soybeans. The most popular household industries are umbrella making, wood carving, weaving, pottery, weaving and ceramics, etc. The tourism industry. There is continued promotion from the public and private sectors due to the beautiful landscape, good weather and good traditions worthy of preservation. By provinces that both Thai tourists And foreigners is Chiang Mai Province by Chiang Mai attractions There are many and is unique, so it is not strange that it is a province that is highly popular.
North foods
North foods Contains sticky rice as a staple food. There are different types of chili paste such as Nam Prik Ong, Nam Prik Num and many other types of curry food such as Kaeng Khae, Kaeng Ho, there are also Sai Oua, Naem, Khab Moo and various vegetables. The local people of the North are different from other regions in Thailand because the cold weather makes most of the food fat, such as Nam Prik Ong, Sai Oua, Hang Le Curry, to help keep the body warm.
North Traditions 
North Traditions The traditional beliefs of the Thai people in different tribes such as Thai Yai, Thai Yuan, Thai Phuan, Thai Lue, Lua and the Maen, including the Bun Kam Fa tradition of the Thai Phuan or Thai Khong people Thailand, Lisu mountain tribe, etc.

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