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Wat Buak Krok Nuea

Wat Buak Krok Nuea

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Operating day: Daily
Operating time: 08.00 - 17.00
Wat Buak Krok Nuea is located at Ban Buak Krok Nuea, Moo 8, Tambon Ta Wang Tan, Amphoe Saraphi. There is no obvious reference of history of Wat Buak Krob Nuea, but its history was told by old people that the name of the temple came from 2 words, Buak means or a pond and Krok means a wooden mortar.
When a mortar was old. Villagers threw their mortars into a pond, which is about 500 meter away from the temple. Later in 1852, the community expanded to a larger group.
They decided to build another temple in the same name. But the two temples have been separated by names as Wat Buak Krok Nuea (north) and Wat Buak Krok Tai (south), until present.

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