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Wat Chedi Liem

Wat Chedi Liem

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Wat Chedi Liem The name Wat Chedi Liem, previously Wat Chedi Ku Kam, was given by Praya Mengrai who built the temple in 1288, in the area of Wieng Kumkam (Kumkam town). The word Ku Kam referred to the procedure of building a pagoda with soil.
A Ku Kam pagoda was, thus, made of soil and stone pieces. And the pagoda of the temple was indeed built with the soil obtained after making waterways for the Kum Kam town.
The inside of the pagoda was hollow, with each side covered with 5 layers of stone and 15 images of Buddha, decorated with gold. The pagoda was repaired in the period of the 5th king of the Jakri dynasty by Luang Yornkanwichit, a Myanmar citizen.
During the reparation a gable and an image of Buddha were added to each side’s entrance. The total number of images of Buddha thus increased to 64 – matched with the age of Luang Yornkanwichit at the time.
Although styles of Myanmar temples influenced some patterns on and parts of the pagoda during the reparation, the general shape was preserved. Since the pagoda had edges, instead of being round as usual pagodas, the temple where it lied was called Wat Jedee Leam (Edged Pagoda Temple).

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