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Wat Tham Doi Ton

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Wat Tham Doi Ton Mae Win, Mae Wang, Chiang Mai. Before the construction of the monastery, the area here used to be a rice field. From the north, you can see the high cliffs of the Doi Tohn Range.
At the bottom of the cliff is a large cave used for meditation while up on the hill top is a pagoda housing Buddha relics. The mountain range gradually slopes down in eastern and southerly directions.
To the west, you can see a terraced rice field. A short walk across the field brings you to the point where The Mae Wang and Mae Sapok rivers converge. From this point, you can walk along the Mae Wang river bank, enjoying more than ten beauty spots including the (NAME OF WATERFALL).
The monastery is six hundred meters above sea level, and is one kilometer from the nearest village. It is eighteen kilometers from the Mae Wang District Office and fifty five kilometers southwest of Chiang Mai city. There is a Karen hill tribe village on a small hill to the west of the temple.
The original sacred site was a vihara for wandering monks passing through the area. It was constructed by the Dhamma Charika (ฺBuddhist Pilgrims) organization, for the holding of religious ceremonies.  
It was eventually abandoned by the organization due to the expansion of the surrounding village which encroached upon the tranquility of the retreat. Another reason for abandoning the Piyatassi Bhikkhu traveled to this area and was invited by the lay people to stay for the rains retreat (Buddhist Lent).
In the middle of Lent, he advised the lay people to search for a new place which would be more favorable for studying and practicing Dhamma. The lay people then brought Piyatassi Bhikkhu to survey Doi Tone cave.
The cave consisted of inner part and outer part with a ceiling which looked like a projecting roof. The cool air was ventilated from the inner room to the outer part. The distinctive feature of the area was the flat rice field of Ven. 11 rais, with title deeds (Nor Sor 3). site was that  its location was a part of a national park which prevented it from being legally owned by any other individual or organization.
In the middle of 1985, Ven. Piyatassi was very pleased with the features of the land. He informed the lay people that he would consult with the Sanpatong Sangha District Council about founding a monastery.
Prakru Khantayaporn, the chief of the Sanpatong Sangha District Council agreed to provide his valuable suggestions on founding the monastery.
As he was the chairman of the Sanpatong Sangha Community, the foundation of this monastry was included in “The Wat Paendin Tham, Paendin Thong” project that honored the 60th Anniversary of His Majesty the King in 1987.
Lieutenant Tawee Chemanasiri, Madam Kampui Chemanasiri, the owners of the land and devoted Buddhists, donated the piece of land in front of the cave to the Sanpatong Sangha Community for that purpose.

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