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Wat Buddhanimit

Wat Buddhanimit

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Operating day: Daily
Operating time: 08.00 - 17.00
Wat Buddhanimit Temple (Wat Prabat Huay Eling Temple) was built in 1937 by Pra Kru Intayanarangsri (Kruba Inta). This temple is at Bantan Dokmai Village,Tambon Sobtei, Ampur Jomthong, Chiang Mai Province.
Kruba Sriwichai (a famous saint of Lanna) found the Buddhist historical site (a foot print of Buddha)here in 1827 so he built the pavilion to cover this historic evidence, Later people also built a wall to protect it.
Now instead of pavilion, Prakru Intayanarangsri (Ma), the abbot of this temple, and his followers built a temple hall to cover this important Buddha's footprint.

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