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Wat That Kham

Wat That Kham

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Wat That Kham Hai Ya, Muang Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai. Wat That Kham was called Kudi Kum. In the past , people called Wat Mai. It was situated in the middle of the outer and the inner wall of Chiang Mai.
It was assumed the king built the temple by notice from the president Buddha was the large bronze and beautiful Chiang San art. In addition,The Buddha of That Kham temple was made of bronze that was the only one temple in tambon Hai Ya.
There was no record that had been built in an era. Meanwhile, the lanna historian had predicted that Wat Kudi or Wat That Kham might be the royal temple of the king who built in Chaing Mai and was a very important temple because the structure was different than any other temples around the area.

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