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Rubber Boat Trip to Mae Taeng River

Rubber Boat Trip to Mae Taeng River

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Rubber Boat Trip to Mae Taeng River Kuet Chang, Mae Chaem, Chiang Mai. Tourist attractions, water activities in Chiang Mai. It is very popular for foreigners to come to rafting with rubber boats here. The place and the surrounding atmosphere surrounded by nature is very beautiful.
Rubber Boat Is a place where people are constantly coming Especially in the summer, people will be very special to stop and relax. And during the rainy season, the currents are quite strong, suitable for whitewater rafting. 
And after the flow of water has gone out, there will be a wooden raft to increase the fun of the river of water. Located at Ban Sop Kai, Moo 1, Kuet Chang Subdistrict, Mae Taeng District, Chiang Mai Province There are also other activities such as elephant riding, elephant trekking, trekking for tourists to visit as well.
Rubber Boat Whitewater rafting on the Mae Taeng River is one of the best in Asia. By the distance from Ban Sop Kai to the town of Ked, a distance of about 10 km. Is a period of islands and high-level differences Very turbulent currents.
Rubber Boat With the difficulty of the river from level 2 to level 5 is the most suitable for rafting with rubber boats Many periods are waterfall rapids. The rapids reduce the level of rapids, cliffs that are fiercely 3 - 5 levels, adjacent to 6 - 7 rapids. Which when combined throughout the route, there will be more than 14 rapids to enjoy the rapids for a 2 hour cruise.
Rubber boat cruise, Mae Taeng River, Mae Taeng River, has a suitable range for rafting with a rubber boat for a distance of 10 km. Which takes about two to two and a half hours downstream By making a cruise from Ban Sop Kai to Ban Khet Which can be divided into periods as follows:
The first phase from Ban Sop Kai to Pang Ko The distance is about 5 km. There are difficulty levels 2-3. This is a fun time and with high safety, suitable for getting acquainted with the forces of the ship through various islands There are big rapids that Fun, exciting, but not dangerous, about 6 rapids.
The second period from Pang Ko to Ban Huai Masang The distance is about 2 km. There is difficulty at level 4-5. This period is the most difficult period of this river. It consists of large waterfalls, about 7 to 8 rapids. And want tourists who are ready both physically and mentally.
The last period from Ban Huai Masang to Ban Khet The distance is about 4 km. There is difficulty at the level of 3-4. This period is the period that most rafting companies with rubber boats in Chiang Mai use. There are about 6 big rapids that are fun and exciting, especially during the funniest times. There are 3 big rapids, each of which is 500 meters long.
Whitewater rafting with a high-light rubber boat, which is the company's tour program, will cruise throughout the three periods. The best time for rafting is the month. July - August.
Appropriate time and downstream conditions in different periods of the year:
In June, difficulty level 2 to 3+ is highly secure. Tourists can choose to cruise with any standard operator. Because the water is not very strong.
July - August. The tides are fierce at levels 3 to 4+. Be careful and use the highest techniques. The rescue team must be 100% ready to avoid service providers that are not standard enough.
In September, the variety of wild water, level 4 to 5+, is suitable for hardcore level rafting. Must be omitted at some point. With high risk Be careful and use the highest technique. 15% of tourists have a chance to get out of the boat or overturn the boat. The rescue team must be most effective and tourists should have sufficient experience and can help themselves to a certain extent.
October - December Difficulty Level 3 to 4 is safe. But the rescue team must be 100% ready because the tide is still strong. After mid-December, the current will decrease to a level 3 where everyone can go down. Suitable for adventure rafting with family and children.
January - March Difficulty Level 2 to 3 Most tourists enjoy. Suitable for families and children To come together to explore adventure Including those who have no experience, are very safe Cool clear currents Can swim along with the cruise.
April - May, difficulty is at level 2, not suitable for rafting with rubber boats. Because the shallow standard rubber boat is going to be stuck all the time. Conversely, a service provider that has a small kayak that can sit for only 3 seats will bring their tourists the fun and excitement more than sailing a large rubber boat in front of the water. Because tourists will experience the currents Experience the waves and amazing rapids closely, almost swallowing the same water.
Travel: Rafting Mae Taeng River (Kaeng Ked) Kaeng Khid, Mae Taeng District, Chiang Mai Province Travel from Chiang Mai city to Mae Rim district, heading north by using Highway No. 107, about 30 kilometers away. Mae Hong Son Province Feed left Use Highway 1095, distance of 5 kilometers.
Will find a red light intersection Pass through the intersection of the red lights to the right and then turn the car and keep left. Look at the entrance to the left. There is a sign of the Administrative Organization of Kut Chang Sub-district Is a point of observation Going into the Kut Chang Sub-district for about 20 kilometers or more. It takes about 1 hour to travel from Chiang Mai.

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