Wat Ma Ruk Kha Nakhon

Wat Ma Ruk Kha Nakhon

Wat Ma Ruk Kha Nakhon

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Wat Ma Ruk Kha Nakhon Don Nang Hong, That Phanom, Nakhon Phanom. prospered in the past until in 1777, the city was flooded and plagued by diseases. The town was then moved to Nong Chan Village, in Ta Kor sub-district, Muang district in Nakhon Phanom province.
It has been called "Old City" until today. The ruins of the city and temple still exist in the area of Don Nang Hong Songkror School. The place has been renovated into the temple. 
Phra That Ma Ruk Kha Nakhon is located in Wat MaRukKhaNakhon in Don Nang Hong Ta Village, Don Nang Hong sub-district, That Phanom district. It was built in 1993.
The stupa was constructed in square shape similar to Phra That Phanom in a smaller size with 50.9 meters high, 20 meters wide. It was built in the occasion of celebrating the King Rama IX’s 50 years of ruling the throne and the 9 spots represent King Rama IX.
The construction cost totaled to 35,000,000 baht supported by Mom Luang Taweesanladawan, royal secretary, and M.R. Mae Boonsri Sontayangkul. Phra That MaRukKhaNakhon is 1 of 7 stupas representing each birth day in Nakhon Phanom (Phra That Ma Ruk Kha Nakhon is the main stupa while the other 6 stupas are the minor ones).
It is also the least ancient of all 7 stupas. Wat That MaRukKhaNakhon is almost three hundred years old constructed by Phra Baromrajachaoalgarn, the city ruler of Ma Ruk Kha city.
The temple used to be flourished, but it was later deserted. The ruins of the temple are situated in Don Nang Hong Song Kror School, the opposite of the present location divided by Banghuak creek flowed from the Khong River. The base of the stupa was made of bricks in a square shape constructed during Rattanakosin period.
In 1996, people from the school surrounded the ruins with bricks. MaRukKha city was originally located in Ta Kak city, on the left side of the Khong River. Later, Phra Baromraja (Gu Kaew), the city ruler, moved the city to the right side of the Khong River in 1757 and ordered to have 4 temples constructed in the center of the city which are:
1. Wat Don Gong (located between Don Gong Village and Dong Kwang VIllage).
2. Wat Dong Kwang Ta (located on Chayangkul road on the west of Dong Kwang Ta Village).
3. Wat Kon Kaen (located near Huai Bang Huak in the northern west direction).
4. Wat Nathonta/ Don San Chao (Na Thongta Village is located on Chayangkul road in the east direction).


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