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Phu King Non Thong, Kaset Sombun, Chaiyaphum. Phu King is located on a green mountain peak in Phu Khiao Wildlife Reserve. It is 1,167 meters high above sea level and is the fifth highest mountain in northeast region.
The Weather is cold throughout the year. It is the source of wild flowers and international orchids. There is a high and steep cliff in the north where the tourists can see the view of Phu Kradeung, Phu Laenkha, Huai Kum Reservoir, and Lamnam Phrom.
Phu King is the highest rock mountain of Phu Khiao forest and is known as a spectacular heritage of the southern part of northeast region. It is 1,214 meters high above sea level and is the fifth highest mountain in northeast region, after Phu Luang, Phu Ruea, Khao Laem, and Phu Kradeung, respectively.
One side of Phu King is a high cliff which presents an endless perspective. There is a wide rock yard protruding from the cliff where the tourists can see Huai Kum Reservoir, Phu Kradeung, Phu Laenkha, and Phu Wiang. If the tourists look down at the narrow valley below, they will see field, farm, dam, and reservoir. The other interesting tourist attractions on Phu King are listed below.
Lae Hin Ngerb is a pile of large rocks, like the stones at the lean-to, in the rock yard. It is around 2 kilometers westward of the peak of Phu King. There arenephentes around it.
Lae Hin Jong is around 3 kilometers westward of Lae Hin Ngerb. The tourists can see a large rock, weighing 20 tons.Its fulcrum is just a stone as big as human’s fist.
Huai Yai Waterfall is approximately 2 kilometers from the peak of Phu King. It is a natural stream that flows past a lot of rocks and becomes a 500-meter-long waterfall.
Travel: It is about 20 kilometers from Kaset Sombun District along Kaset Sombun- Non Thong route. The entrance to Phu King is at Ban Non Nong Hai in Non Thong Sub-district.
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