Khu Muang Ancient (Khlong La Lom)

Khu Muang Ancient (Khlong La Lom)

Khu Muang Ancient (Khlong La Lom)

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Khu Muang Ancient (Khlong La Lom) Nai Muang, Muang Buri Ram, Buri Ram. Buriram in the past was an ancient community located in Khmer civilization. Have a settlement history and the prosperity of the past.
According to ancient studies, the first evidence of human settlement found in the prehistoric period of steel, about 2,500-1,500 years ago. The establishment of the city had to dig a moat around the city walls.
The oval is located in the center of Buriram. It has an average width of 80 meters and a length of about 5,000 meters. The total area of 179 rai 2 ngan 12 sq.wah. Current condition is divided into 6 parts.
Along the road cut into the inner city. But some have been filled for the construction of commercial buildings, dwellings and roads. Until the Fine Arts Department has explored and declared a historic site. According to the announcement dated June 4, 1980.
In addition, the canal (Khlong La Lom) is also the only major water source in Buriram. Such as Water supply, agriculture, fisheries and public service. As well as enhancing the ecosystem and the environment of the city. A historical and archaeological attraction.
Travel: From Bangkok by car about 384 km. The railway is about 376 km. It is about 30 kilometers from Buriram Airport. Travel by car, 24 Buriram - Nakhon Ratchasima The distance is about 130 kilometers.
Khu Muang Ancient (Khlong La Lom) Map Khu Muang Ancient (Khlong La Lom) Map
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