Wat Suthawat (Wat Mai)

Wat Suthawat (Wat Mai)

Wat Suthawat (Wat Mai)

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Wat Suthawat (Wat Mai) Intha Buri, Intha Buri, Sing Buri. Sing Buri province is appropriate for tourists who appreciate history because it was previously a battle place for Thai sovereignty independence.
The ancestors sacrificed their flesh and blood to protect their country. In addition, there are a lot of evidences available and a large number of temples, which are a spiritual center of Thai people. One of those is Wat Suthawat or Wat Mai that is close to Wat Kradang Nga Buppharam.
Its outstanding feature is an old assembly hall built in the Ayutthaya Period. Inside the temple, there are murals depicting Phra Chula Mani’s life painted by a master craftsman.
The murals depict  Buddha's confrontation with Mara when Mara's army was trying to obstruct Buddha from enlightenment until he entered Nirvana.
Apart from that, the murals describe cremation and distribution of the Buddha’s relics to the kings and angels. Those on the pediment portray the Buddha is relics being kept and floating on the water.
They used to be very gorgeous but they fade now. However, it is a stunning and valuable ancient site. Its surrounding is quiet and uncrowded.
Arriving at the temple, the first thing to do is to pay respect to the principle Buddha image at the ordination hall. Afterwards, it is suggested to watch paintings in the assembly hall. 
Moreover, Luang Pho Im, the former abbot, is respected by villagers. Those who adore collecting coins and amulets certainly know Luang Pho Im’s coins of Wat Mai Suthawat in In Buri district.  
Nearby tourist attractions in In Buri district include Wat Kradang Nga Buppharam, Wat Muang, In Buri National Museum, Ban Khu Meuang and Ma La Anuson Park.
Travel: it is located at Mu 4, Thap Ya sub-district, Intha Buri district, Sing Buri province. Take Highway 311 (Sing Buri-In Buri) to Km 11-12, about 5 km from Wat Kradang Nga Buppharam.
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