Pran Luang Nuer Pond

Pran Luang Nuer Pond

Pran Luang Nuer Pond

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Pran Luang Nuer Pond Khun Khlon, Phra Phuttha Bat, Saraburi. Once, there was a hunter named Pranboon who hunts as his living.
His hunting route is around the Suwanbanpot Mountain. One day, he went up to the Suwanbanpot Mountain which is a dark forest near the Dongpayafai.
He was able to shoot a living creature, however that creature ran back into a bush without feeling anything from the shot. The hunter was surprised.
He walked to see behind the bush where that creature ran into. He found a small pond with clean water and also found a big human footprint.
He was sure that this was a sacred pond, therefore, he drank water from the pond. Amazingly, all the scars on his body were gone. The hunter considered the big footprint as the Buddha’s footprint.
Then, he told this story and about the footprint to the Ruler of Saraburi. After that, the Ruler of Saraburi went to the site and told King Srongtum. King Srongtum felt appreciated and ordered to build a temple next to it.
The name of both pond (Lang Nuer meaning washing the fleash and Pak Hok meaning stabbing the spear) came from the fact that the hunter wash the flesh in the sacred pond while stabbing his spear near the pond. Therefore, the name was called since then.
Pran Luang Nuer Pond Map Pran Luang Nuer Pond Map
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