Tang Siam Ha Museum (Ban Hai Phan Bai)

Tang Siam Ha Museum (Ban Hai Phan Bai)

Tang Siam Ha Museum (Ban Hai Phan Bai)

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Operating day: Friday - Sunday
Operating time: 09.00 - 16.00
Tang Siam Ha Museum (Ban Hai Phan Bai) Muang Samut Songkhram, Samut Songkhram. Potteries have been a popular container among Thai people since ancient times; however they are barely used these days. Mr. Thawatchai Phisedthasalasai, therefore, dedicated his house to be a museum collecting almost hundred types of antiques, under the name of “Ban Hai Phan Bai Tang Siam Ha Museum”.
The owner of the house loved to collect a lot of objects in this local museum and cordially opened the museum for anyone to visit for free (There is a box for donation if the visitors want to help for the museum’s expenses).
The museum is open only on Saturday and Sunday, as well as other special holidays, from 9 a.m. onwards. A lot of over-100-year antiques are collected here, such as rice-cooking stoves (Tao Hung Khao), wood stoves (Tao Cherng Kran), fire stoves (Tao Phing Fai), water jars, liquor jars, garlic jars, fish sauce jars, pickled bean curd jars, and pickled fish jars.
These potteries, found in Mae Klong River, vary in patterns, depending on the periods such as Sukhothai period and Rattanakosin period. There are also teakwood mirrors, nickel trays, teakwood pinnaces, wood stoves (Tao Cherng Kran), and varieties of rare antiques.
Apart from these jars, there are earthen jars, glazed jars with dragon patterns from Ratchaburi Province, children's bathtubs, washing basins, fish tanks, earthen pots, coconut sugar pots, lime pots, medicine pots, Thai chinaware, porcelains with designs in five colors, grinding mortars, and pounding mortars.
Most of the antiques are potteries which are over hundred years old, except the three ancient boats which are woodworks and some bowls which are made of tiles, brass, and baked clay.
Tang Siam Ha Museum (Ban Hai Phan Bai) is a historical tourist attraction gathering the information about ancient pots and jars, as well as the examples of various types of potteries.
The museum is also the source of knowledge in nearby community. The visitors have to contact Mr. Thawatchai and Mr. Prapeephat Phisedthasalasai two days in advance via phone number 0 3476 0098.
Travel: Take the route that passes Amphawa and King Rama II Memorial Park to Bang Kon Tee. The museum is on the left side before the T-junction near Bang Nok Kwaek church.
Tel Tel: 034760098
Tang Siam Ha Museum (Ban Hai Phan Bai) Map Tang Siam Ha Museum (Ban Hai Phan Bai) Map
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