Thamma Katanyu Shrine (Sian Lo Tai Thian Kong)

Thamma Katanyu Shrine (Sian Lo Tai Thian Kong)

Thamma Katanyu Shrine (Sian Lo Tai Thian Kong)

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Operating day: Daily
Operating time: 08.00 - 17.00
Thamma Katanyu Shrine (Sian Lo Tai Thian Kong) Bang Pu Mai, Muang Samut Prakan, Samut Prakan. This shrine was built in 1991 with a model applied from the Nan Khun Soen Tai Thian Fu Foundation in Taiwan.
Its architectural structures were full of ancient Chinese arts and cultures that are great and magnificent. Five Taiwan gods and warlords were enshrined: Li, Chue, U, Chu and Fan families called U Fu Sian Suai (Wong Wang Aia).
The internal shrine is gorgeous and splendid with red and gold colors which are lucky ones for Chinese people. The roof was covered with tiles decorated with sacred animals in response to Chinese belief such as swans and dragons that existed in ancient Chinese folklores.
The eaves were carved and covered with gold. In addition, there are the shrine of Goddess of Mercy and other gods worshipped by people.
Another prominent thing that tourist like to take photos is double lions that are the biggest in Thailand. They were carved green jade imported from China and were sacred incantation. It was also believed that the double lions can get rid of evils, ghosts and all mysteries. 
Moreover, the foundation uses the shrine for annual festivals such as Chinese New Year, Yuan Chiao Day, The Krachat festival, god’s birthday, etc.
Travel: Use the old Sukhumvit Road (to Bang Pu) about at kilometer marker 33 about 1 km from the ancient city and about 8 km from Sukhumvit Road.
Tel Tel: 023233120-5
Thamma Katanyu Shrine (Sian Lo Tai Thian Kong) Map Thamma Katanyu Shrine (Sian Lo Tai Thian Kong) Map
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