Wat Sao Thong Hin

Wat Sao Thong Hin

Wat Sao Thong Hin

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Wat Sao Thong Hin Sao Thong Hin, Bang Yai, Nonthaburi. It is adjoining to Klong Aom-Non canal, adjacent to the old Bang Yai pier. The temple, covering the area of around 9 rai, was built in late Ayutthaya period or around 1767. 
Wat Sao Thong Hin is an ancient temple, built since Ayutthaya was the capital of the kingdom. Originally, it was called "Wat Sak" or "teak temple", presumably from the dense teak and rubber plants around the area in former times.  
The evidence of Wat Sak was still not found, people can only make the assumptions from the ancient remains and the story told by elders. The legend has it that the whole principle Buddha image in the old ubosot was casted from pure silver.
The statues of Phra MokkanLaNa and Phra SaReeBut (the chief disciples of the Lord Buddha) were also casted in Ayutthaya artistic style. The condition of the old temple guarantees that Wat Sao Thong Hin was a genuinely ancient monastery.
All the building materials; bricks, and pedestals (for the principle Buddha statue) were made from the large brick, similar to those materials for temples in Ayutthaya period.
The cement for construction must have consisted of the ingredients typically used after those craftsmen in Ayutthaya period. Old-style porcelains were used to decorate the front and the back gables.
The stories of “Wat Sak” or “Wat Sao Thong Hin” were passed on from past to present, told by elders to elders. Grandma Yuang Pinrod, a 80-year-old woman, whose house is located next to the temple, she has visited Wat Sao Thong Hin to make a merit regularly.
The other elder is the uncle Nuan Boonmee, a 80-year-old villager in Sri Rat canal area. He told that in the reign of Phra Chao Krung Thonburi (or Phra Chao Tak Sin Maharat), he led his soldiers marching pass Wat Sak on the way to reclaim the independence from Burma.
As he observed abundant teak trees and shady surroundings  around the temple, he commanded his military to stay overnight here in order to regain strength and reinforce the troops from other camps.
Every army has its own victory flag, or the personal flag of the chief commander, as well as Phra Chao Tak Sin. He stuck his army flag down at the sand dune in Tambon Sao Thong Hin.
Phra Chao Tak Sin then commanded the leaders of each soldier groups to find large stones to put them down on the dune, surrounding the flag to hold it upright.
This flag spot marked the symbol of the army, and also the meeting point for the troops. The chief commanders and soldiers named this spot “Sao Thong Hin”, which people have called it since then until nowadays.
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