Piyachanok Thai Wisdom Learning Center

Piyachanok Thai Wisdom Learning Center

Piyachanok Thai Wisdom Learning Center

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Operating day: daily
Operating time: 09.00 - 17.00
Piyachanok Thai Wisdom Learning Center Don Yai Hom, Muang Nakhon Pathom, Nakhon Pathom. It is both the tourist attraction and the community culture learning center.
The learning center is built in Thai style in the middle of the fruit garden where the atmosphere is pleasant and it is full of the lifestyle of Thai Srong Dam people who have settled down in this area.
There are many activities for relaxing, learning and experiencing Thai Srong Dam fragrances for example flour dripping which was once popular in the past and candle making for baking the ancient style Thai dessert.
Tourists can also taste the favorable and aromatic candle-baked coffee which they use Robusta coffee seeds and roasted Arabica coffee seeds in baked clay pot, smoked with candle for the best aroma and brew into aromatic iced coffee and strong flavor coffee yet smooth and unique coffee beans. 
Tourists can have food made from local dishes which consist of local vegetables such as fresh vegetables, sweet basil, papaya, long bean, pea eggplant and backyard vegetables which can be ingredients in sour soup made from tamarind paste, fried Somtum, green curry, fresh aromatic coconut milk and mulberry juices.
There are seasonal and pleasant scented products to purchase such as curcuma powder, Thai style perfume, fresh coconut milk beeswax which are the products from Thai Srong Dum people wisdom, are produced in small quantity and natural herbs are included. You can select 
fresh-collected vegetables and fruits from the plantation, taste the dishes made from backyard garden which are grown in this garden area. Moreover, Piyachanok Thai Wisdom Learning Center is also a place for educational tour. 
There are seminar and discussion activities in order to develop the community to be a sustainable strong and pleasant tourist attraction by applying the sustainable economics concept.
At present, there is also a field trip to Sa Kae Rai village to observe the activities in the community and purchase the community’s products. Piyachanok Thai Wisdom Leaning Center opens daily from 09.00 - 17.00.
Tel Tel: 034388207
Mobile Mobile: 0818583754
Piyachanok Thai Wisdom Learning Center Map Piyachanok Thai Wisdom Learning Center Map
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