Chao Pho Ongkharak Shrine

Chao Pho Ongkharak Shrine

Chao Pho Ongkharak Shrine

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Chao Pho Ongkharak Shrine Sai Mun, Ongkharak, Nakhon Nayok. Chao Pho Ongkharak Shrine has been a respectable sacred shrine for a long time in Nakhon Nayok and has a long history since King Rama V’s reign.
According to the book named “Culture for historical development of identity and knowledge of Nakhon Nayok” of the Fine Arts Department, during an overnight stay of a boat journey of the King Rama V to Prachin Buri province along Nakhon Nayok river, one of his bodyguards became ill and passed away.
Hence, the King Rama V commissioned the workers to build a shrine as a commemorative monument of his bodyguard. In addition, it was believed that there was a crocodile, which is the spirit Chao Pho Ongkharak, living in front of the shrine because there was a vortex at this area.
Therefore, people worshipped Chao Pho Ongkharak with young coconuts for their safety when passing this area. Moreover, it was also believed that the water from this area is holy water so it was used in the consecration ceremony of King Rama IX’s coronation.
Nowadays, the shrine is highly revered among local people and visitors. It is also a spiritual refuge of people in Nakhon Nayok as many people visit here to ask for luck and blessings. The shrine is also beautifully decorated with Chinese art and is always opened to everyone who wonder to visit here.
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